Files : Copying, Moving, and Deleting

Copying, Moving, and Deleting files

By the End of This Tutorial, You’ll Be Able To;

Ø Pick a peck of files in DOS or Windows

Ø Duplicate files on hard disks or floppies

Ø Move files from one disk or folder to another

Ø Find misplaced flies and other Interesting relics

To take control of your computer, you have to deal with files. To share a file, you might have to copy it to a floppy disk. To reorganize files, you have to move them to different drives or directories. And to do any of these file management tasks, you have to find the files in the first place. If all this sounds fun to you, you probably enjoy whacking your funny bone on your armrest, too. However, these chores are essential if you want to share files and rid your disks of useless trash. [Read more…]