Modem : Buying, Installing, and Using

Buying, Installing, and Using a Modem

By the End of This Tutorial, You’ll Able To:

Ø Name the three things your computer needs in order to communicate with another computer over the phone lines

Ø Read a modem ad or box and understand what it says

Ø Compare the speeds of two modems and tell which is faster

Ø Figure out which type of software you need to do what you want to do

Ø Hook up an internal or external modem—and get it to work

Okay, I admit it, the section opener was a tease. I wanted to tell you all the neat things you could do with a modem, so you would start thinking that you simply can’t live without one. I conveniently left out all the complicated information about shopping for a modem, hooking it up, and figuring out what software you need. Now that I’ve sucked you in, I’ll hit you with the hard stuff. [Read more…]