The main purpose of the diluents are to dissolve the polymer and adjust the viscosity of the paint. It is volatile and does not become part of the paint films.

It also controls flow and application properties, and in some cases can affect the stability of the paint while in liquid state. Its main function is as it carrier for the non volatile component in order to spread heavier oils (I.e. Linseed) as in oil based interior house paint, a thinner oil is required.

These volatile substance impart how properties temporarily once the solvent has evaporated, the remaining paint is fixed component is optional, some paint have no diluents water is the main diluents for water-borne paint even the co-solvent types.

Solvent-borne also called oil-based, paint can have various combination of organic solvent as the diluents, including aliphatic, aromatics, alcohols ketones and white spirit. Specific examples are organic solvent estrus, glycol ethers and the like. Some times volatile low molecular weight synthetic resin also serves as diluent.

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