The Significance Of Personnel Management In Business Organisation

The Significance Of Personnel Management In Business Organisation: (A Case Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc, 9th Mile Coner Enugu)

The Significance Of Personnel Management In Business Organisation: (A Case Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc, 9th Mile Coner Enugu)

The present day, personnel administration movement dates back, approximately to the period just before World War I, in the your 1914.

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The ancient was at first on Employment management but it soon began to include many personnel problem in manufacturing.

During the World War I, the United States Army, created a psychological examines police at a trade test section and a moral section. These police came out and devoted themselves to the problem at many man trained in these practices by the army. They later become personnel managers in industries applying the experience and knowledge gained during the war.

In the preceding decades, due to wars, economic and social pressure, further enlightenment on the parts of managers, government regulations and other influences, the scope of personnel management has expanded to this day. In fact, it has become difficult to distinguish clearly between personnel administration and the administration process of all management.

The principles or philosophies, which guide management in caring on their activities pretty with the sane principles or philosophies, which guide personnel administration. In another dimension, the reasons for the great change that have accused personnel administration had been ably expressed by ALEXANDER R. HERON in his book “Reasonable goals in industrial relations”. He said that the things that has been the emergence of something in the mind and soul of a worker.

These things makes him unwilling to continue for the rest of his life in a relationship which is perhaps ideal in al its material aspects, but in which the decision are well made and the guidance all given by the employer.

This problem of social consciousness or part of forces too the changes in personnel administration increases demand on the personnel department and as a result levels to necessary demand on qualifications of the personnel manager.

These managers have come together to from a professional association, which serve as an exchange point of view and eventually where they strive to attain professional status. This has level to increased salaries paid to competent personnel managers and in addition many personnel managers have been made vice president in the responsive companies.



The Nigerian Breweries Plc, Enugu, a private limited liability company was incorporated on December &, 1978, when the first bottle of large beer rolled off its bottling plant. It was during the 10th anniversary of the company’s production existence, which gave a unique opportunity to trace a brief history of the company, particularly its establishments.

The administration of the company took off with the employment of a general manager in 1978. the affairs of the company was under the care of general manager till the year 1979 when a personnel office under the supervision of the finance and administration manger was engaged. The first administration manager was employed in 1980.

The need arose for changing the company’s policy for new administration due to the expending function of larder organization this brought about the recruitment of personnel manager with good industrial management background in November 1983.

This lead to the formation of a sound personnel department with staff strength of about eight hundred and fifty up to date.


The problems associated with the study do not go beyond identifying the cause of poor performance of workers in as organization.


For any worker, his or her primary motives is that of economic, to get the resources in order to meet his physiological needs and to support his family in ever increasing comfort. the sense of desire to get on personnel matter has to do with ambition and is conditioned to some extent by the environment.


The development of personnel management has been enhanced by industrial psychologist and industrial sociologist by applying the findings of their research work problems of business administration to distinguish between the psychologists who are concerned with the behaviors of individual, while sociologists emphasize group behaviour. Book study how people behave and the relationship is between human behaviour and the working environment and why people do behave as they do.


The intractability of the problem of low pay in industries continues to raise consideration of equity, the measure and under utilization of economic resources and social policy regarding poverty.


It is the duty of the personnel manager to know the needs of people working with him in an organization. He must first of all recognize what these needs are and identify the ways in which work in that organization promotes or frustrates their fulfillment. Now he directs his efforts towards methods of furthering job satisfaction or removing the frustrations.


The problems as regards the study does not go beyond identifying the causes of poor management in an organization section. Also the problems as regards this study should befall within the limitation that involves the constraint.


To recruit suitable qualified and experience personnel and to enable them to derive satisfaction from employment by offering their attractive way’s, good working conditions, securing and opportunity for promotion.


To provide wilt the personnel adequate training facilities to enable each employee learn how to do his job effectively and get himself prepared for job promotion.


To pay wages and salary that competes favor able with other fruits locally with a structure that has due regard for recognized differences and individual ability.


Making it a sure that adequate procedure are being operated upon for dealing with all disputes and grievances quickly. Also to make every efforts to improve relation between the management and employees through joint consultations.

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To make sure that the health and softy of the employees are granted. and also to provide welfare and social amenities as and sincerely by employees and are mutual ly beneficial to them and the company.


The aims and objectives are to provide and analyze such critical conditions/issues as to selection, recruitment and general administration or management of personnel the business organization.

Recognizing the fact that training of manpower has to a large extent influenced the level of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in business organization, deliberate attempt has being made to examine methods of administrating business organization. More so, the aim is to examine and look into their roles significance or personnel administration. The exposure the prospective managers to these roles that may likely occur within the organization.

Most importantly, to advice the prospective managers about other requirement necessary in employees to training and development, industrial relations, wages and salaries administration, employees welfare and employer process so that the organization objective and goals can be achieved.



It is a generally accepted term, which applies to the entire class of desire, needs wisher and similar forces. It is also concerned with why people do or refrain from doing things. It also involves choosing between alternative forms of action in order to achieve some desired goals.


This refers to the condition, which are necessary for the well condition of the workers. They are in form motive and represented by the values and wants which when given to workers will motivate them to put in their best.


They comprise of both employers and employees. They are the labor suppliers of any organization. Some worker for themselves and other work for people to get paid.


This term explains the wages payment plan. It could be financial or non-financial. They are what the workers get for being a productive worker in an organization.


Literature review is an organized systematic examination of books available, journals, periodicals and all sets of material relevant to the subject matter with the plans of getting and storing information from them which are useful to the research topic under investigation.

The research work involves identifying, locating, selecting and recording of information gotten from primary and secondary sources which is within the scope of the research study.

The information gotten in literature review are in the shape of ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed in a particular topic, or idea or problem as well as the result of empirical studies that have conclusions and recommendations which have some close and meaningful relations to the researchers as regards his present research problem.


It is primarily defined as a mental activity that is concerned largely with a work or planning, organizing and controlling the activities of an organization for the accomplishment of certain designated objectives.

Nwandu (2000) defined personnel management as a situation whereby a person is brought into as organization, his behaviour at work is being taken note of, his interests and relationships both with his fellow workers and organization also being noted. The study of personnel management may be viewed from two different perspectives. First, seen as a function or responsibility of every manager or supervisor who has people under him with the plans of achieving a desired goal.

Secondly, seen also as a function in as organization that is being preferred by a particular department, the personnel department.

There is a generally agreed phenomenon that the job of a manager involves getting results via people. A manager therefore is a person via guidance, leadership, encouragement and motivation makes the man who forms his team get the desired result, personnel administration in Nigeria by A.K. .Ubeku page 1o9. it states clearly that for a person to get a job with a group of people working as a team in order to achieve his target he must have an intimate relationship to be know and seen as the man that makes the organization to be successful.

It is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that the employees under him know what the jobs are all about and what is also expected of them. The company’s rules and regulations must be made know to the employees by the manager. The success of a organization depends on the good management of people and this must be done by the department known as the personnel department. Every manager who depends on the productive effort of other people has a personnel responsibility, which must not be delegated to other departments.


i. To create job.

ii. To make sure that wages and salaries

iii. To create industrial relation.

iv. To make sure that the development and training of manpower is effective.

v. To see that employees welfare services are maintained.

A. He makes sure that all positions are filled competent and qualified work force at a very reasonable cost. Employment is both by internal and internal recruitment and is usually done when.:-

a. There is expansion in the work force

b. When a staff has resigned.

c. When an appointment is terminated.

d. When a staff is dismissed summarily.

e. When a staff retires from service.

f. When a staff even dies.


I. Selecting from amongst or former staff, which is otherwise known as internal recruitment.

ii. Selecting from amongst unsolicited application, which is also know as external recruitment.

iii. Selecting from amongst applicants recommended by our own staff.

iv. Through the use of employment agencies/consultants.

v. Via advertising and its related agents.

However, after the recruitment of new staffs to be selection follows which is conducted by interviewing, after which the successful candidates will go to training for duration of time proper assessment, scrutiny of his or her behaviour, integrity etc.


This is a section that allows an employee to be fairly and equitably compensated but it has been seen that no name is as sensitive as the “pocket book verse” which means that there is much discontent things on real or tansies in equalities or insufficiencies in earning: the determination of a fair wage and salary is an ever present problem for management one which is never solved to the point that can be laid aside.

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It is very clear that one can’t satisfactorily defined personnel management or a manager only in terms of position since a position derives its real significance from the nature, scope and importance of the responsibility and duties placed on the executives, of which the first is decision making. Decision making is a prime requisite for management. It has to do with deciding the course of an action and being able to solve it. This is of highly importance, mostly in a free enterprise economy. Since the decentralization of decision making is characteristic of such system, it requires that important decision be made at cower levels.

In a managers decision, they are of two type; first and second-class. The first class contains by which the manger seeks to maximize his own income values and pressures. While personnel decision are made by everyone and this do not distinguish the manager from the owner or the employee. The second class is particularly peculiar to the jobs of the management. These decisions are managerial which not only affects the welfare of the manager but also the benefit occurring to other persons connected with the company. A managerial decision is one, which seeks to take the company or some parts of it towards achieving its primary service objectives. This service objectives means providing the best value possible to the outside world.

Co-ordination is the second activity being performed by the mangers and it is very necessary for personnel management. It has to do with managers responsibility for planning and keeping a harmonious relationship with the personnel and physical factor in an organization together as a unified whole the difficulty or the easiness of co-ordination has to do with the size of the company.

The smaller the easier the co-ordination, the larger the more difficult it poses; take for instance the international Breweries limited, Enugu such close international is not possible and co-ordination becomes important activity for administration. This co-ordination ensure that the heterogeneous division and department in the organization are contributing to the primary objectives of the company and not to some secondary objectives of their own making. The activities of planning, organizing and controlling a business organization is the third part of the personnel needs.

These activities are called the organic function of personnel management.


Where management finds itself defining and interpreting policy upon regular and constant appeals from subordinates, there is a symptom that initial policy gas been properly established. The following can now state the basic steps in policy making. These steps are applied to policy, which is initially planned by top management viz.

a. POLICY FORMULATION: This is the selection of principles and lines of action that are to guide a particular type of activity. These policies are formulated mostly when a function is performed, when a condition changes when a policy gap is discovered or when a supplementary policy is carried to a lower level.

b. POLICY PROMULGATION: This has to do with the function of getting the policy down to the level in the organization where it is to be applied to personnel and acannot be expected to apply or conform with policies about which they have no knowledge.

c. POLICY EDUCATION: This is simply to ensure that every person understands what policy is all about. This can be achieved by making provisions for a wider participated in its formulation and at same time having training conference in which policy explained. The introduction procedure, policy manuals and explanations tine by line, communicated to employees in a such away that it cannot conflict with other policy, then policy acceptance should take place.

d. POLICY APPLICATION:- This has to do with the day to day we at policy by co-coordinating the sub-ordinate personnel in making managerial and operative discussions this is the very stage which the policy must stand up, under pragmatic tests or results. It either proves to be sound, helpful, guide for through action or not.

e. POLICY CONTROL: Finally, policy control must be performed make sure that operations are already in consonance with policy. It is the sole responsibility of the line manger who initiated policy to the make sure that it is effective in accordance with organizational attitude. The manager or the personnel department must follow the recommended policy up and at the same time making sure that it is applied. These polices are subject to review by the committee on policy formulations in an organization.


The salary structures of Nigeria Breweries, 9th mile corner Enugu in many respects are normally based on results of job evaluation performance rating. The company aimed at:-

i. A salary structure that will attract and retain the right caliber of staff.

ii. Rewarding of good performance and acceptance of great responsibility.

iii. A salary structure that reflect changes in the cost of living.

The company’s continually rising series of pay ranges or grade into a wide variety of job can be slotted. These grades or ranges are not too many or too few, but it has to do with the size of the company and variety of job performed. Nevertheless the range rise usually at 50% higher than the minimum which increment are competitive and reasonable at a constant grade thought it sometimes rises as staff advanced through a grade.

The services of the workers are compensated on daily paid basis, which is always paid fortnightly in different stages, ranges or grades. It is the personnel administration department that performs the above activities.


This is to enhance the working relationships between management and employees. It also sees that the job satisfaction of work opportunities for the company’s personnel are developed and maintained in its best interest of the and the employees.

This is achieved by collective bargaining process by which management and union matters of mutual concern either directly and indirectly despite the fact that the interest of the management and the employees sees different and conflicting, institute of personnel management of Nigeria handout, collective bargaining management I union relations by R.A. Owirasu, page 1 while the management interest is to manage the business widest sense. The workers interests which are usually improvement in their terms and condition of service which promotes their economic well being generally are usually represented by their trade unions. Their mutual respect for these conflicting interests are also represented especially during the process of collective bargaining.

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By manpower planning, we mean the process which seeks to ensure that there is continuous availability of the right kind and number of people capable of doing those things that are required for an organization to achieve its goals. This has to do with systematic and constant continuous development of attitude, knowledge and skills for achievement of the individual as well as the organization.

Broadly speaking, manpower planning management training has to do with career planning, promotion motivation and other method of helping staff to improve on their performance continuously and to grow in professionalism. In Nigeria’s Breweries plc 9th mile corner Enugu, this training objective is to help the individual perform his or her job more easily effectively and satisfying. There are three ways by which this Brewery asses their training viz:-

i. Organizational analysis

ii. Job analysis

iii. Manpower analysis

These analysis has to do with the study of the entire organization (ie) its objectives resources and environment. The personnel manager who is responsible for assessing training must need a good knowledge of its organization, its management and operational style, economic, social, political and the climate and the effect of possible technological development on the establishment.


This is maintaining the general welfare on the job and assisting them on problems relating to their security and personal well being. As parts of this developmental strategies, the company offers various inducements to its employees. Outside the highly competitive wage structure, the company provides various facilities among which are free medical services for all stuff and the families, workers insurance and subsides for the staff. Also in addition fully furnished accommodation are being provided in realized quarters.


Infact, business is like a “famous three area leaped stool for three important elements, making up any enterprises money, material and people, but it is mostly people. The human element that is often responsible for the success of the organization. It is always very common to succors — a situation where the competing firms buy their material from one material from one market and secure their money from the same source and employ their personnel in the area same and yet one company is still ahead of others financially. A critical examination of such situation often revels that the different in profit pictures is due to the fact that one company has a thoroughly satisfied advantage and productive group of workers. In other words, people determ8ines the degree of success employed by an enterprise.

It is a firm’s belief approach to staff or personnel function and a strict adherence to its principle will lead to a greater managerial and organizational effectiveness outside contributing significantly to the improvement of a management style.

When ever any objective is achieved, the first question that comes to mind is, can a man set a goal, say what it is and then reach it, does he have the charisma to reach his goal by organizing and guiding the efforts of others? Can he do this in a way that elicit co-operative of others and satisfy the judgment of the associates whose views must be respected and can be done under strict conditions which from time to time are bound to arise. The above is a widely held view in any business that constitutes managerial ability which I think it has considered it a starting point for judgment. At least if a man’s performance produces no answer to the above questions, or to any of them, it is therefore not hard to conclude that he will not make an able manager.

In the real sense, the man whose performance with respect to all four criteria emerges as outstanding will display qualities of leadership with significance which an organization needs above all. We so think therefore that men who are studding to improve their respect ought to look at themselves very carefully to judge whether they really meet those test mentioned above.


Political stability and industrial peace is needed for one to achieve a national objective. In the quest for industrial peace and in the process of retaining personnel of the right caliber in the right numbers, personnel management will have a decisive role to play with the impact of all these towards, there is a rapid rate change, advancement in technology etc which brings an increasing demands on the role and effectiveness of the personnel practitioners.

The personnel manager ideally should be a man with a very sound educational background and an alert mind quick on the take with considerable foresight and imagination. He must be flexible and highly adaptable to changes. He must also have a high sense of mission with passion for justice and fair play.

He should be interested in people and be able to be intimated with people of all categories. He must be highly initiative, perspective and will be sensitive to what is happening around him. He should see him self as part of the management team and will command respects by virtue of his effectiveness and contribution to overall co-operative. He must be a good scholar that keeps on learning and continually up date himself to avert obsolesce. There is therefore a great future for the profession, but its success or failure will depend on the attitude and effectiveness of the individual practitioners. That is, you, I and others over there and of course the institute or the organization.


The study of the important of personnel management has brought about my sense of acknowledgement towards achieving the naira feature of personnel management in the organization and the endurance effective performance towards organizational growth, we can therefore include the personnel management deals, with the most activities in an organization as mentioned above in chapter 1 the function of the personnel manager.

The Significance Of Personnel Management In Business Organisation: (A Case Study Of Nigeria Breweries Plc, 9th Mile Coner Enugu)


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