Sales Promotion Is Important To Nigerian Economy: (Case Study Of Coca-Cola Plc.)

Sales Promotion Is Important To Nigerian Economy: (Case Study Of Coca-Cola Plc.)

Sales Promotion Is Important To Nigerian Economy: (Case Study Of Coca-Cola Plc.)

Ebue B. (2000: P. 339) sees sales promotion as something that can arouse interest, create a buyer desire, spirit an immediate reaction from customers middlemen and company’s sales force. It is the name that is applied to special kind to sales accelerating personal selling or publicity and also its activities are directed to consumer middlemen or the forms sales force.

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In order to achieve sales promotion objective, certain things are added to the company’s product so as to have more customers to purchase the product while existing customers are encouraged to be patronizing sales promotional activities are directed to customer’s, middlemen or the firm own sales force. It is considered as a social selling effort incentive designed to stimulate buying action. However, sales promotion consists of coordinated seller immediate effort to establish channels of information and persuation to faster the sales of goods and services, to the people from the stage of unawareness to the stage of awareness.

Sales would increase if more customers are attached. Sales promotion are grouped into three size. Consumer protection which contains coupons, premium, consist demonstration etc. Trade or dealer, promotion which consists of tree goods merchandize allowances, buying allowance etc. and sales force promotion which involves sales contests specials bonus, sales meeting. Consumer promotion has enhance the immediate, that is to say that benefit, we immediately, but it does not build any long term consumer framerlise and contrast to advertising sales promotional devices usually only the promotional materials available at the point of purchase, therefore sales promotion which is one of the promotional tools are feared towards the target market.

Eloga and Ani (2000.279) maintained that sales promotion has not contributed to the growth of company but also the Nigerian economy as a result of this the research or critically look to the importance of Nigeria Economy with special interest on coca-cola drink.


The Nigeria bottling company PLC is the leader in the soft drink market in Nigeria, the company has different of several brands of soft drink which are marketed to customer’s or consumer like fanta, sprite, tonic water,bitter lemons and coke product which the coca-cola is it’s trade mark has been in Nigeria market for many years. How effectively is the application of sales promotion tools in the company?

In as much as the effective application of sales promotion, what is the level of increase in sales turn out?

Many people have come against sales promotion, that most often what was promised was not given and even the companies makes it difficult to win. But many believed that it has enhance the welfare of the people.


To find out the impact of effective sales promotion on increasing coca-cola market-share.

To find out whether sales promotion increase the profit of the company.

To find out whether the sales promotion has any default with regards to the competitor

To suggest how to use sales promotion as an effective tool for increasing market share

To find a means of maintaining and improving the quality of sales promotion and improving it to ensure maintainace marketing.

To suggest and recommend ways of using sales promotion for better company performance.

To find out the extend sales promotion has contributed to the economy.


i. Are sales promotion adopted by coca-cola lead to customer increased desired for their product.

ii. Does sales promotion activities of coca-impacts positively on the profit of the company.

iii. How has the sales promotions helped on consumer satisfaction.

iv. Are sales promotion adopted by coca-cola help in managing the sales of product.

v. Has sales promotion contributed to the Economy growth of the country.


In this study the company benefits a lot because through the study the company will know sales promotion has favoured them. In case, if there is any fault the study will help them improve the sales promotion in order to be more attractive and beneficials to the consumers or target market.

The compeling company take advantage by reading through it and allowing how it has favoured their competitor’s and try to improve them sales promotion techniques and tools to enchance sales for the company

The readers as well benefit in the sense that when one is writing on related issue, one has to study the alreay written project to collect some fact which will help him or her put things together, also reveal to the reader how far other researcher have gone in that issue and start from where they stopped.

Moreso, the consumers will be aware of how and quality of the product or commodity consumed. It will enable the consumers to patronize more because the will be improved in the quality of sales promotion used and the quality of coke itself.


This study concentrated on the importance of sales promotion to the economy of the country but emphases was heard on coca-cola drinks in Enugu



Sales promotion is defined as the broad name for special kind of sales stimulating activities other than advertising, personal selling and publicity. It is a special selling incentives. Anything that would move sales above the existing level is a sales promotion it has the quality of attention getting and stimulating sales in off seasons. The sales promotion tools are consumer promotion it, samples,coupon premiums, price discounts, demonstration etc.

Also trade promotion e.g. dealers contest; free goods, merchandising allowance etc. and also sales force promotions e.g. Bonus, sales force contest etc. product sampling and demonstrations. Demonstrations are very important when the decision to buy is influenced by seeing the product in use, frequently purchased and not to expensive goods. Sampling also has to do with a situation where customers get the products free or allowed to use it free of charge. It is more effective in getting the customers to actually try the products.


Are leaflet given to customers which enable them to buy a product at a cheaper price. it is used to produce trust, convert into regular users and to attract many prospects to the product.


Are to boost sales by creating product awareness and trust. The free-in-mat and self liquidating premium offer better incentives that are related to the product concerned.


It is a mark down in the retail price of the product to enable consumers to put more and more consumer to buy the product. It is a non selective form of promotion. The benefits are extended to the consumers who normally would have purchased the product without the price reduction.


It is a special consumer deal that is used to encourage customers to buy and to reinforce brand loyalty. It creates interest and provides good sales atmosphere or taking point for the sales people and are often used to attract special attention to the product package. Considerably, these sales promotional tools are geared towards making customers have assets to the product and company creating good relation between the public, the company and the product. To ensure that customers are satisfied at the profit of the company.



Marketing promotion often referred to as marketing communication is one of the key marketing mix variable used by marketers or any marketing organization in formulating marketing strategy. It embraces a variety of marketing activities whose primary role is that of persuasive communication.

Subhash (1990:301) explained that promotional strategies are concerned with the planning implementation and control of persuasive communication with customers. He stressed that these strategies may be designed around advertizing, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, public relatives, direct marketing or a combination these.

Ebue (1995:1) note that marketers who build a product or creates a service and then bit back and wait for things to happen usually discover that not much does happen they must tell the story. He said that after producing the best product packaged it brilliantly placed it tightly, distributed it magnificiently and positioned it to best meet the needs of the customers all these will be futility if the target market is unaware of the existence of the product.

Furthermore, he noted that modern marketing does not stop at developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it readily available to the customer but must also communicate the product benefit and attributes among other things to the target customers. Inspite of the importance of promotion, yet a lot of people have come against it. But Ohakunori (1999:232) believed that the criticisms are not really true or just a few exception where some companies carry out their promotional activities unethically. However, it is important to note that a clear cut focus on the Target customers are necessary hence an integrated communication plan consisting of various promotional methods should be designed to ensure that customers of a product or market cluster get the right message and maintain a long cordial relationship with the company.

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A number of market resource personal authors and authorities have attempted to view marketing promotion from a common perspective.

Zikmund 91986:4) sees promotion as the market communication process utilizing personal or non personal means to remind. Inform and persuade buyers or potential buyers of the organization products. But according to Udeagha 91999:218) the term promotion has its’ origin in a Latin word meaning to move forward “he believed that the purpose of marketing promotion is to inform buyers about the existence of a new product or services to remind them of them of the continued availability of the old ones and to persuade them to buy these products or services on a long term basis.

In unanimity with these authors Engel (1983:6) sees marketing promotion as a controlled integrated programmes of communication method and materials designed to present to communicate need satisfying attributes to long run profitable performance. These definitions are in line with widespread concept of promotion as an effort to more forward. In other words, marketing promotion is seen as the promoting function, informing persuading and influencing the consumers purchase decision.

However, it is worthy to note that some other exports in marketing communication have offered a wide idea of promotion or marketing communication. This is because according to them each variables in the market mix, communicate something to the consumer, Nwosu (1996:5).

However, Macauthy and peurealt (1984:4) in the basic making see promotion or communication as the promotional activities of personal selling and mass selling which they see as comprising advertising, publicity and sales promotion.


Baker; (1996), The American marketing association defined Advertising as : any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor.

It is important to note that this definition is certainly a very succinct statement and merit some elaborations, and it is this which distinguish it from publicity. It is non-person in the sense that advertizing messages, usually spoken or written are directory at a mass audience and not directly at the individual as is the case of personal selling.


Baker (1996) noted that the ultimate purpose underlying all advertizing is increased by awareness, however, and examination of the specific objective as listed by Matthew B. uzzeu, levitt and frank (1994) in marketing, An introduction Analysis include.

i. To build primary demand

ii. To introduce a price deal

iii. To inform about a product’s availability

iv. To build brand recognition or brand preference or brand insistence

v. To inform about a new products availability or features or price

vi. To help salesmen by building an awareness of a product among relatives

vii. To create a reputation for service, reliability or research strength

viii. To increase mark of share

ix. To modify existing product appeals and buying motives

x. To increase frequency of use of a product

xi. To inform about new uses of a product

xii. To increase the number or quality of retail outlets

xiii. To build overall company image.

xiv. To effect immediate buying action

xv. To reach new areas or now segments of population within existing area.

xvi. To develop overseas markets.


Udeagha (1999:223) noted in his book principles and processes of marketing that there are two categories of advertizing, corporate institutional advertizing and product advertizing. He pointed out that product advertizing is aimed at informing and educating the consumer or any buyer about a company’s product with the aim of persuading him to buy the product. He believes that it is an open mode of communication and as such facilities buyers comparison of competitive product. It also facilitates the mass marketing of goods and services on the other hand, international advertizing is primary devoted to selling the corporate personality of an organization.

Ebue (1995:89) in his view did not share the same view with Udeagha rather he identified eleven forms of advertizing which includes

1. Product Advertising

2. Material Advertising

3. Local Advertising

4. Cooperative Advertising

5. Business Advertising

6. Institutional Advertising

7. Trade Advertising

8. Industrial Advertising

9. Farm Advertising

10. professional Advertising


Udeagha (1999:227) personal selling is a process of canvassing for the sale of a company’s product or service by salesmen or woman. It is a dynamic process involving direct contact between the seller of a product or service and the prospective buyers through oral or face to face or telephone discussion or written mail exchange of ideas through or opinion.

Discussing the importance of selling in his book “principles and practice of selling Adirika (1999:3) defined selling as the process of inducing and assisting a prospective buyer to buy or act favourably on an offering which has problem solving advantage to the buyer and commercial significant to the seller. Udeagha (1999: P. 228) noted that an issue that often confuses marketing students and even practitioners is the question as to when selling actually takes place. he believes that this question rears, it’s head when selling is viewed as an exchange process and is interpreted to mean that no selling takes place unless there is an exchange of something for something.

Adirika (1996) identified six (6) selling positions which includes

i. Delivery sales person

ii. Inside order taker

iii. Outside order taker

iv. Missionary salesperson

v. Sales Engineer

vi. Order getting goods salesman


Udeagha (1999:P. 226) sales promotion is a very important element of marketing promotion. It comprises of a variety of activities, material or incentives intended to generate immediate purchase action by buyer or consumer.

According to American marketing Association, sales promotion involves, those marketing activities, other than personal selling, advertising and publicity that stimulates consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness. It is a promotional tool that is intended to have a temporal effect on the buyer. Its channels includes, coupons trade stamps, premium, trade fares and exhibition.

Ebue 1995 and Udeagha 1999) – sales promotion of goods and services, these promotion is applied at every level in the distribution chain that transfer product from their producers.

Kotler (1997:624 in his book marketing management: Analysis planning implementation and control, pointed out that sales promotion offers thre distinctive benefits. These includes:-

(a) Communication:- They gain attention and usually provide information that may lead the consumer to the product.

(b) Incentive:- They incorporate some concession, inducement or contribution that gives value to consumers.

(c) Invitations:- They include a distinct invitation to engage in the transaction now. He further pointed out that companies use sales promotion tools to create stronger and quicker response.


Sales promotion is defined in many ways by different authors, According to Ebue (2000:339) sales promotion is something extra that can arouse interest, create buying desire, spark an immediate reaction from customers, middlemen or company’s sales force.

It is the name that is applied to special kind’s of sales accelerated activities not necessarily classed as advertizing, personal selling or publicity an also its activities are directed to the consumers, middlemen or the firms own sales force.

Sales promotion could be called merchandise or defined as non media advertising that is used to stimulate sales of produce or services usually occurring once or over a limited period of time. Examples are sales conducted by a super markets or Developmental stores and featuring reduction or gift items.

Finally sales promotion is an all embracing term for various promotional tools that can for various promotional tools that can be categorised under advetising publicity and personal selling.

Another definition of sales promotion by churchhill (1990:78) says that sales promotion is activities and material that induce potential customers to take, action and purchase the firms product or services usually by drawing the customer’s attention to the product or by offering an added meantime for purchase.

Sales promotion methods and usually classified into two based on the audience they are directed around consumer sales promotion activities are designed to produce short-run sales increases among ultimate consumers by offering such things are price-off, coupons, free samples and contests.

Edoga and Ani (2000:279) grouped sales promotion under three categories they are:

– Consumer promotion (examples positive purchase display, free trial, price often cash return offers etc.

– Free promotions (price off, display allowances and free goods)

– Business and sales and sales force promotion (trade shows and conversions and specify advertizing.

According to Boontz and Kurtz (1992:160) sales promotion is defined as an important components of the promotion mix. It may also be defined as those marketing activities other than personal selling advertizing, direct marketing and public relations that enhance consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, where as advertizing offers a reason to buy, sales promotion offers an incentive to buy.

He further explained that sales promotion were originally intended as short-term incentive aimed at producing an immediate consumer buying response traditionally, they were view as a supplement to other elements of the firms promotional mix.

Today however, they are an integral part of many marketing plans and their non-profit organization churches for example, often sponsor bring games theater parties, testimonial dinners and rattled. A decade ago, the advertizing to sales promotion ratio was about 60:40 today, in many consumer packaged goods companies, sales promotion accounts for 65 to 75 as a percentage of budget expenditure annually or the last two decades.

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Several factors contribute to the rapid growth of sales promotion, particularly in consumer markets. Internal factors include the following: promotion is now more accepted by top management as an effective sales tool. More product managers are qualified to use sales promotions frequently, many brand are seen as similar, consumers are more price oriented in trade has demanded more deals from manufacturers and advertising efficiency has declared because of raising costs media clutter and legal resturants the rapid growth of sales promotion clutter similar created a situation for clutter to advertizing clutter.consumers might start timing, out in which case coupons and other promotion media will weaken in their ability to trigger purchase. Manufacturers will find ways to rise above the clutter for instance, by offering large coupon redemption values or using more dramatic point of purchase or demonstration.


There are two forms of sales promotion that are:- consumer sales promotion and trade sales promotion. According to Ebue (2000:257) sales promotion may be directed to consumers in form of consumer promotion which include things like special price reduction, free sample premium offers , poor of sales demonstration and coupons offers, free trials warranties (quality sensitivity and patronage regards sales promotion may also directed to the middle man or retail in form of trade promotion. This includes co-operative advertizing scheme, contest for sales staff, free goods, special discount and special quality rate terms dealers sales contest and push money.

He further explained that the purchase of these form of sales promotion were to assure current users that have the right choice and it serves to reduce dissonance as well as to keep the product in consumers mind during off season. This view justifies the continued sales promotion of omo, elephant blue detergent and coco-cola even when they have already enjoyed the larger share in the market.

To buy specific good and services, example of such incentive are free sample bargain price, free extra qualities, merchandising super and contest.

According to Kotler (2000:599) sales promotion is predominately used by multinational companies in Nigeria, but equally play a great role in the department store During the period of low sales and during christmas season departmental store employ, sale promotion to boast sales.

Sales promotion increase the sales of their products, when the customers come in their products, to buy the promote goods item end or buying a relative product.

It build store traffic sales promotion build store traffic when everybody is trying to enjoy the benefit offer.

Sampling: According to Kotler (2000:601) this is an expensive exercise. It enable potential consumers to taste the product and now if they have satisfied with it sampling method are wasteful atimes, because some consumers are not in to position of using the product will acquire it waste a lot of time too stimulating off season sales.

– it encourages big buying in the sense that inside that share they are certain thing like quality, discount which will make all to buy other product.

– It helps repeat purchase specially where the coupons is returnable against this help to build loyalty through habit of purchasing and consumption, most benefit are derived from promotional tools.

He further explained that self liquidation premium is cheap from of sales promotion because the consumer pays the cost on the goods plus other expenses even though the price is less than the retail price or the product. Sales promotion improve distribution.

It demonstrate the manufacturers confidence on the product for this reason, it invites good will because the manufacturer is not afraid to let people buy his product.

Premiums (gift) According to Kotler (2000:601) merchandise offered at a relatively low cost or free as an incentive to purchase a particular product. A will pack premium accompanies the product inside or on the package.


Sales promotion can be very effective in communicating company brands when handled properly and objectively sales of certain product went at its peak at different seasons for instance the coca cola brand of drink during dry season people are usually hydrated and need something cool to keep the body in its normal state. This is the time that much of the coca cola brands are consumed and it is the season for it sample at christmas season and other festival period of which the demand for coca cola is less for instance at rainy season etc. The organization carries out sales promotion to boast the sales promotion has effectively help the coca cola in raising the product from irregular demand through sychro-marketing to full demand in in order to ensure maintenance marketing. Sales promotion has played a vital role in ensuring that coca cola product is boasting and waxing stronger. Coca cola has gone far in market share, satisfying customers and increasing the company’s profit.


The purpose of sales promotion will vary with the type of target market, such market are: for consumers, for sales force and for retailers. For consumers, it increases buying response by encouraging:

a. “stop and buy” – This is to build trial among not-users and to create in the consumer the desire to purchase.

b. “Buy Bigger” – Inducing more usage and purchase of larger quantity.

c. “Repeat purchase” – Persuading customers to return again and again.

d. For Retailers: This is a process where it increases selling efforts and intensity by encouraging.

a. More allocation of shelf space and stocking of the firms merchandise is the hands of the reseller retailers and wholesalers.

b. Special selling events and is store displays and a commitment to a form’s sales promotion undertaking by resellers.

c. Promotions by resellers to offset competitive promotions

d. Entry into new retain outlets for sales force: this objectives include increase selling effort by encouraging.

a. Call on more accounts or prospects.

b. Stimulating of sales in off-reasons.

In all the objective of sales promotion is to attract new buyers, penetrate new markets, generate new customers buying incentives for the firms present customers (Ebue 2000: p. 24).

According to (Mccurry: 1971,33), However suggested the following reasons for undertaking sales promotional efforts:

1. Calling attention to product improvement

2. Informing buyer of a new brand

3. Improving market share

4. Accelerating usage rate by present users

5. Maintaining customer patronage and brand loyalty

6. Obtaining dealer outlets

7. Securing additional shelf space and added display

8. Creating talking point for sales force.

9. Aiding in the products positioning

10. Increasing dealer inventries in view of competition

11. (this is called trade ‘loading’).



it can safely be said that the use of sales promotion techniques in modern marketing in Nigeria stated with the multi-national trading companies like the leventis, kingsway and UTC stores. Their sales promotion activates can mainly in the form of money-off offers and offer of gift items like balloons and christmas trees. Such offers were usually backed up by intensive publicity and advertising to themselves. It is no record that these sales promotional effort which were seasonal usually Resulted in high customer traffic and feater patronage for the products of these companies. Also, among the early sales promotion efforts in brewery industry was the melusing of gift items like balloons, toys, pencils, ball point pens and erasers inside product packets like tooth pastes and detergents.

It was not until the late 1980s that sales promotion witnesses a dramatic change in the Nigeria marketing scene. This period marked the beginning of what is now described by Nigerian marketing experts as the high-profile promotional era” which characterised by fabulous cash and other material meant for customers. In 1957,for instance the Nigerian bottling company launched a promotional campaign tagged Animal Kingdom promotion: its main aim was to create market for sprite, one of its mineral water brands. Nigeria’s second large soft drink bottled, the 7-up bottling company also within the period made an aggressive re-energy into the soft drink industry with its lemon lime that was supported to complete with sprite. Their aggressive re-entry came with intensive sales promotional activities that ushered in the promotion was between the gift offered in contemporary Nigeria sales range from house, cars, motor cycle scholarships, overseas trips to refrigerators deep freezers, coloured television, video sets and sewing machines.

It will not be far-fetched to label 1991 the most significant or out standing sales promotion year in Nigeria’s contemporary history. This is because of the volume reach and intensity of the sales promotion efforts that were undertaken in the country that year, as well as the large amounts of money spent by the various companies involve in the magic dream house dash, the Dunlop elite safely-on- wheels bonanza, the bournvita dream bonanza and coca cola family bonanza.


Generally sales promotion are frequently used in highly competitive market where product differetiation is difficult. Its most common services is to secure short term increase in sales in the knowledge that once promotion is finished the new buyers will revert to their former brands or a competitive brand which is running a promotion clearly promotion of this type are subject to criticism on the ground that they are combative and it is behaved that the consumer would be better served by a permanent price reduction. Sales promotion usually involves higher expenditure most especially when it is a consumer promotion that involves publicity and advertisement of the promotion to create awareness for it. In this case,products for which quality has known will not alter its quality to maintain the same level of profit margin unit of sales but would revert to use lower cost raw materials. This definitely will not be operating with competitive, the gain in market share will be short hired to justify the expense. Consumer promotion are just one part of the marketing mix, not a substitute for it. Therefore, the problem that arise is that its application accompanied most often relegate the other promotion, to the advantage they offer by their use individually and integration. This does not recognize the fact that a system can only function well as a meaningful whole. Companies that switch their marketing expenditure exclussively below the line mark temporary again in volume, at the expense of permanent profit ratio. It must be noted that which special pact is on offer, the retailer must put away normal merchandise which have seteriorated and become obsolete by the time it is returned to shelves.

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The roles of sales promotion in an organization need not to be over emphasized. Lodiah (1996:262) pointed out that an explicit statement in the marketing plan about the appropriate roles for sales promotion has many benefits for the firm, According to him, the most important benefit is that specific roles that the sales promotion to achieve.

He went further to state that, there are number of interlocking roles sales promotion can perform. Basically, these roles can be categorized in three groups:

1. The function of the first roles is to increase the number of customers or increasing the rate of the use of the product or services by current customers.

2. The second grouping of roles postulates the perpetual changes that sales promotion is supposed to effect.

3. The third role grouping concentrate on creating sales promotion that will by itself cause people to do something.

Ifeanyi remarked that, advertising contributed to the economy by contributing to personal selling and making it cheaper operation. He went further to say that, advertisement helps to raise the standard awareness and also contribute and also contribute to the improvement of locally manufactured goods.

He said that sales promotion effort has forced manufacturer to raise the standard of goods and services.

Udeagha (1995:219) stated very clearly that advertising objectives are generally similar to those of the marketing communication, sales promotion they include informing and educating the buyer about an organizations, products and services, (particularly the new one) reminding the buyer of the old ones and persuading him to buy these items because they are at high quality, affordable price meant for him or her.

The roles of sales promotion are inexhaustible but most of the producers see sales promotion communication as primarily a tool for selling products, services or ideas. In short, in the words of emoid; in an article warned that those who have not given much attention to advertisement simply because they fell the have obtained enough customers, to know that sales promotion apart from seeking out new customers are also designed to retain existing customer.


The Nigeria Bottling Company is an off-sheet of coca cola international which started in 1986 in Atlanta Georgia in the United state of America. The Nigeria Bottling Company started its operation in Nigeria in 1953 by Holding franchise for coca-cola international.

This means that the formular of the concentrate and receipt of the product have been released to the Nigeria Bottling Company PLC. But the formular and syrup of the mixtures were given to them to help them bottle their products in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Bottling Company is also a subsidiary of A.G. Leventis company it started first with its plant in Lagos and later spread its deports and other plants all over the country. Today, it have about 16 more production plants all over of which some of them were? Enugu, Ibadan, Owerri, Kano, Onitsha, Aba, Umuahia, Oyo State, Apapa and Ikeja plants just the mention but few. The Nigeria Bottling Company which started with one flavour “coke” as a major product. Now has eight (8) flavours. These include coke fanta orange, krest bitter lemon, sprite, fanta Ginger Ale, fanta club soda water, fanta tonic water and newly introduced flavour in the market fanta chapman.

According to the interview with the company chairman MR. H.S.Adedeji showed that Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC PLC) is the largest producer of soft drinks in the country. He also said that the company make about 70 percent of soft drinks consumed in Nigeria.



Having carefully carried out this study on the importance of sales promotion to Nigeria economy with particular interest on coca cola drinks. The following findings were made.

– That sales promotional activities on coca-cola contributes to the economic development of the country.

– That effective sales promotion adopted by NBC leads to repeat purchase of coca cola.

– The researcher discovered that the planning and execution of the sales promotion by NBC is not cost effective relative to other promotools.

– The researcher equally observed that effective NBC promotional activities is effective enough to encourage the cusomers to buy from them.

– However, from the analysis it was observed that sales promotional activities of NBC although create customers awareness but a significant number are of the view that it does not create customers awareness.

– The customers indicated that they prefer most cash reward as a sales promotional tool.

– The management agreed completely that effective of sales promotion  impacts positively on the profit of the organization.

– It was equally discovered that most of Nigerian companies that engages in sales promotion activities are very deceptive. Most often it is made difficult for customers to win the reward and even when the reward is won it is difficult to be collected by, the winner.

– It was discovered also that because of the cost involvement in sales promotion, many companies lowers the quality of their products.


The importance of sales promotion in Nigerian economy need not to be over emphasized, sales promotion need to be effective in order to achieve its objectives. In the view of this the researcher made the following recommendations.

– That soft drinks industry should give out cash reward to the customers since according to the research, customers prefer it to other sales promotion incentives.

– That sales promotion for soft drinks industry should be appending as to attract customers awareness.

Other promotional tools like advertising, publicity and personal selling should be effectively put in place along with sales promotional objectives of the organisations.

Services of good marketer with sound knowledge on planning and execution of sales promotion shall be consulted so as to formulate a sales promotional package that will not only be effective but less costly.

Government should set up a committee that will monitor the activities of companies that gin sales promotional activities. This will enable the companies involved to carry out the sales promotion activities in a refined manner. This will go a long way reducing the criticisms of sales promotion.

Soft drinks industry should employ sales promotional incentives that are redeemable. Goods of high quality must be sold, because educated customers do not compromise quality.


The study on the importance of sales promotion to the Nigeria economy. A case study of coco cola bottles by NBC has been tasking but very interesting.

Based on the data analysis of this study, it is concluded that sales promotion has an effect on the purchase of soft drinks especially when they are faced with identical brand.

Consumers react to sales promotional element more than advertizing, personal selling or publicity in a recessionary economy like ours, sales promotion being short term strategy is really helping out because at the point of sales him self out.

However, the researcher recommends that the case organization should define their target audience, making appropriate choice of sales promotional tool that best suits the audience low income earners emphasis should be on cash reward rebate while high income earners emphasis should be on premium.

The company should support their sales promotional programme with other promotional mix so as to make it more effective as to lead to repeat purchase and greater profit to the company.

It is the researchers belief that if sales promotional activities is genuinely carried out, it will contribute more towards the economy of Nigeria.

Sales Promotion Is Important To Nigerian Economy: (Case Study Of Coca-Cola Plc.)

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