Marketing Communication – Effectiveness In Creating Brand Awareness

Marketing Communication – Effectiveness In Creating Brand Awareness

Marketing Communication – Effectiveness In Creating Brand Awareness

A Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. 9th Mile Corner Ngwo

Marketing at any stage can not go without communication. Modern marketing now involves intense competition, challenges and innovations.

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The current marketing practice is one real employment, marketing as a want creating and satisfying instruments. Marketing performs virtually all its functions by making use of effective communication.

Modern marketing calls for more than developing a particular brand pricing it attractively, and marketing it accessible in the target customers. Companies must also communicate with their present and potential customers. Very few goods or services can survive in the market place without effective communication. The marketing manager must endeavour to make good use of advertising, sales promotional tools of marketing in attained market penetration and business survival and competitive advantage. In view of the forgoing, the researcher intends to determine the effectiveness of marketing communication mix in creating awareness of a brand in the Nigeria bottling company 9th mile corner

1.1 Statement of the problem

The Nigerian bottling company (NBC) is one of the leading producers of soft drink in the country.

The company has been Witnessing decrease in patronage by the consumers as a result of intense competition from other mineral soft drink producers that are newly introduced. Sarce??

In nigerian Bottling company (NBC) there is what they called high volum with low prize and when it use applied, it yield no result, patronage still continued to decrease. Sarce??

The method which mass introduced by the marketing manager and production manager lead to their dismissal for failure to deliver. Through after years of door-to door step delivery, the problem still lies there. The (BNC) is facing the problem of decrease in patronage by consumers. People are of the opinion that effective integration of marketing communication will help both the sales of the company’s brand. Statement of problem not clear

1.2 Objectives of the study

The objectives of the study are:

1. To find out the effectiveness of marketing communication in increasing the sales revenue of NBC product.

2. To find out the effectiveness of the company’s marketing communication existing and potential users of the company’s brand.

3. The effect of company’s marketing communication activities on the pricing of a company’s brand.

4. How the various marketing communication mix are used by a NBC company to achieve a marketing objectives.

5. To make recommendation based on findings.

1.3 Research hypotheses

1. To what extent does marketing communication mix increase the sales volume of the NBC brand?

2. How does the effectiveness of the company’s marketing communication affect consumers’ purchases of the brand?

3. Do the company marketing communication activities affect the pricing of their brand?

4. To what extent does marketing communication mix facilitate the realization of company’s objectives?

5. Which of the communication tools is most effective in the company.

1.4 Significant of the study

Without communication, most consumers would have been ignorant of the existence of certain brands and services which is packaged for their satisfaction. More so, organization would find it difficult in dispose of their execis brands/services resulting from mass production.

The aim of communication with consumers and the public by any organization is existing and committed to their welfare. Thus, there is need for effective communication between the organization and it’s public, once, this exists, the overall aim of the organization, would be achieved. The significance of this study therefore to expose the marketers in those factors that can make communication ineffective and in suggest how to avoid the flows that do not fit in to the role of communicator and promoter.

Moreover, knowing that the purchasing power of the consumers is seriously being eroded, due to the down true of the economy and the effect of this is the brand/services must organization. increase in price of these brands has been caused by this recessive economy.

Marketers can find no other time to prove their relevance in the organization than this period and one of tools in the readily comes to mind for doing this and which they are close to, is marketing communications. So this project work is great importance to marketers.

To this end, an insight is how they can choose the most effective tool which at most done by the rule of tumb method. So it gives an insight services as reference point in choosing


1.5 Statement of hypothesis


Ho marketing communication does not affect the level of awareness of NBC product.

Hi marketing communication affect the level of awareness of NBC product.

Hypothesis II

Ho NBC marketing communication activities does not affect the pricing of their brands.

Hi NBC marketing communication activities affect the pricing of their brands.

1.6 Definition of Terms

For the purpose of clear thinking and which understanding, this section elaborates in bring the key terms used in this chapter that may be unfamiliar to an average reader of this work.

1. Promotional tool: This consists of the product price channels of distribution and sales outlet, and promotional programme of company.

2. Advertising: Sfantion (198p:414) Sees advertising as a consisting of all the activities involved in presenting to a group no personally, oral or usual openly sponsored message regarding a product, service pr ideas, this message, called on advertisement is disguate through one or more media and is paid for by the identified sponsor.

3. Sales promotion: Is defined as all short term devices utilized in boosting sales both in consumer and industrial marketers. Modern A.R (1987) defined sales promotion techniques as those promotional activities which do not fit other grouping withing the promotion mix.

4. Publicity normally it can originated from two


a. It can sees as a result of an independent objective and non-interfered information written and developed by the efforts. An organization has been making to words improving the standard of living of group of people that form of the totally of the firm public.

b. It can be used on the acts or information provided by the particular company.

5. Trade market: These are words symbols, signs etc. that offers the exclusive right on the owner over a particular products it is a brand or parts of a brand.

6. Target market: This is the most enable and attractive segment of the market who the market wants to offer satisfaction through his product. In other words, it is the segment of the market which a marketer intends to serve through product offerings.

7. Potential market: This consists of not purchase immediately or presently but may be influence in the future to buy goods and services.




Eric Barbiste (1990) defined communication as sharing of meaning and it requires five elements which include a source, a message, a receiver and the process of encoding and decoding. They used further say that the source could be either a person or company who has information in convey. The information sent by a person such as a description of a new weight reduction on drink forms the message. Consumers who real, hear or see the message are the receivers. The message is communicated by means of channel like television, radio, sales persons etc.

Chukwu (2002) sees communication as sharing of meaning, ideals, taught, experience, information or opinion from person to person, from person in group and or from group in group.

Communication can also be seen as an inter conveyance, in transmission or inter-exchange of meaningful message between and among individual or groups. Sharing information, feeling, opinions or experiences between/among human beings to enable them to achieve their need of interaction and exchange.

Communication is the process of sharing ideas, it required as sender (source) a message and a receiver. Unless a sender’s message is receiver by someone, then no communication has taken mankins (1980) refers to communication as the process by which people attempt to create communes of understanding between themselves formally.


Communication, according to dictionary of marketing research simple mean the flow of information from one person to another. Communication can be referred to as the process by which information are described to feeling of facts attitudes and emotions by exchange between individuals through a common system of symbols. Communication refers to understanding which in turn refers to over lapping form of reference. Difference is image, social class or ethnicity often leads to lack of understanding. There are various types of communication, like intrapersonal, verbal of non verbal communication, trade no crab communication.

Marketing communication is one of the four major elements of the company marketing mix. Marketing as stated earlier, need to continually communicate information to the larger market and own publics regarding the firm and it’s brands people communicate for many reason: they seek assessment give help or instructions, provide information and express ideas and thoughts. Marketing communication on the other hands, seeks to modify behaviour and thoughts in order to re-enforce existing behaviour. The marketing manager hopes to create a favourable awareness for himself or to motivate purchase of the companies ought to have promotion in help them to develop effective communication massages. A modern company manages to have complex marketing communication systems. The company communicates with their consumers. Consumers engage in word of month communication with other consumers feed back to every other group. In essence without difficult if not impossible to make sales and practice the modern concept of marketing, a concept which allows for a mutual communication between the organization and its customers. Rarely will single communication resources be the most effective means of accomplishing a form of promotional objectives. Instead, a blend of various factors must be used to reach the marketing communication mix which generally refers to amount of funds allocated emphasis placed upon each.


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1. It is the means for establishing and maintaining contact necessary to complete a transaction

2. It concept persuasive massage to both trading parties so that an exchange can be agreed upon.

3. It provides feedback of results with respect to productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activity.

4. Communication helps in need recognition because when there is product in production in the market, recognizing it may also be important for existing product and services, particularly those the buyers can postpone purchasing or choose not to purchase.

5. Another importance of communication is that it helps buyers search for information on one the objectives of new products promotion activity which is to help buyers learn about the product through communication prescription during company’s advertisement to the public to make people aware of diseases and brand name in the past, they only targeted doctors through adverts in medical journals and contact by sales people


1. Advertising: This has been described as any paid form of impersonal communication about ideas, goods services or only organization by identified sponsor. It is paid because the media used in advertising of transt information includes newspapers, magazines, Television, Direct mail, Radio, outboard billboard, etc.

Advantages includes reaching a large number of people efficiently and ability in communicate specific product benefit to prospective buyers. Advertising allows the company (Nigerian Bottling Company) to control large marketing share. The massage once created can be sent to all receivers in the target market segment. However, it has the disadvantages of no immediate feedback.

This is one of the vital components of the marketing communication mix. Advertising simple means drawing attention by public announcement in ideas, goods or services with the aim of selling them. It has also been defined as a group of activities aiming at and including dissemination of information in any paid non personal form concerning on ideas product and services to compel action in accordance with the intent of an identified sponsor. S. Wright and his three research association in (1986) strongly recommend the definition of advertising controlled identifiable information and persuasion by means of mass communication. According to them this definition will help to acid restricting the scope of advertising to completely communication functions and at the creative communication process required to achieve that purpose. This definition will no doubt, accommodate all type of advertising. The rather restrictive very popular definition goes thus” Advertising is any paid form of impersonal presentation and promotion of ideas goods, brands and services by an identified sponsor.

Advertising can be classified in four different ways.

a. By type of brand or services advertised.

b. By geographical coverage

c. By style

d. By action required

Under the first approach in classification of advertising, we have means consumer branded goods, professional public relation or corporate advertising and government or public services advertising. Under geographical coverage approach, we can classify advertising into national local regional and international advertising. In the style approach, we have soft sell ward, sell editional, classified displayed selective or produce differentiation, reminder image building advertising thin the action require approach, we have direct action or direct response advertising (i.e retail or direct mail advertising).

1. Indirect Action Advertising:

Advertising has been observer as one of the most important promotional tools and highly useful marketing tools. Advertising objectives can be classified as to whether their aim is to inform, persuade or remind. Advertising is now described by Nigeria marketing experts as the high profile promotional too which is characterized by fabulous cash and other materials incentives to customers. For instance, the Nigeria Bottling company is one as the leading users of sales promotional in Nigeria many studies reviewed agreed that sales promotion is greatly effective in increasing sales. In addition to this, many researchers have been gone beyond this to access that the nature of the effectiveness of sales promotion tools are not consumers’ franchise building. Others are by this sales promotion tools reference consumers brand understanding. The American marketing Association (AMA) defined sales promotion as “short incentives display, shows exhibitions and demonstration designed encourage purchasing and sales of brands”. Advertising has been singled out as the widely used promotion tool which accomplishes most numerous objectives. All these point to the effectiveness of advertising as a marketing communication mix. It is pertinent to recall that the effectiveness of advertising is the best demonstrated when supplemented by the efforts of other promotional tools.

2. Personal selling: This is another form of communication mix. It is a person to person communication in which immediate feedback is produced to the audience as it is in conversation between two or more parties.

A sales person can take the control of presentation if needed. There is more audience targeting in personal selling than in advertising hence waste coverage can be reduced with personal selling. A major disadvantages of this is the limited number of total of contracts that can be covered by the sale person.

Furthermore, different sales people can change the massage so that no consistent communication is given to customers. Personal selling is also the most expansive of the communication mix. American Marketing Association (AMA) defined personal selling as “the oral presentation in a conversation with one or more prospective purchases for the purpose of making sales”. Personal selling according to Hampton and Zabin (1970) said that it involves the individual salesman indirect contact with customers through face to face meetings, telephone calls or correspondence, nothing that because it involves direct contact to the customers, it affords more effective communication between sellers and buyers and a greater than any other promotional tools.

Personal selling is widely used in various section by both non-profit as well as profit organizations. Those involved in personal selling are also addressed by various names which include sales person, sales representation in building long-term image for a brand, for example, all the studies remained agreed that sales promotion plays a significant role in industrial marketing. Henry Assael (1987) studies concluded that sales promotion devices employ strong direct action stimulation to immediate purchasing action thus, could be rightly termed as forcing method. However, Bordo Alphonsus (1993) in his book cited Banticks and debunked this claim when he concluded that sales promotion has both long and short term but also has long term effects on the issue of effectiveness of sales promotion in respect to existing and new buyers of the brand, there different studies includes provided insight into this question. Bessy Jon (2002) cited cluenbery (1972) reported in his study of the effect of sales promotion in the sales and buying pattern of a certain procured in the brand, that the sales of the brand he studied went up by 25% as a result of the sales promotion campaign that 14% of the existing customers brought the brand at the time of deal as against 10% who brought earlier. Also, he observed that 7% of non buyers (now buyers) of the brand brought it during the deal. From the study therefore, one can safely say that sales promotion branded product or service but also lead to more purchase by the existing customer. Further, Keon and Bayerin in their studies in 1986 noted that the principal aim of most sales promotion especially those in which coupons are used is to attract users. They concluded by indicating that in major brand now users redeem more coupons than current users.

3. Public Relations: This is another communication mix activity which arises to communication of favourable image of the product or its marketer and also to purchase good will, public relation (PR) activities are directed to the organization, public, the consume, the supplier, the government, financial stake holders, and the community at large. An organization plans deliberate programmes to cultivate good relationship with the various publics.

Public relations is another important marketing tool which until recently was treated as a marketing step, it has been defined in different ways by different authorities.

An embracing and standard definition of relations as philosophy and function of the organization which is aimed at evaluating public attitudes, identifying the policies of the organization which with public interest and carrying out programmes of action to mix and sustain public understanding and acceptance for the rues, account executive, sales consultants agents, services representative or marketing representative. However,, generally, there are three major aspect of personal selling which include salesmanship, negotiation and relationship management. The following classification of sales position are:

1. Deliver

2. Order taken

3. Missionary

4. Technical creator

The importance of personal selling has been attributed to some major tasks which it performs. These include prospecting communication, selling, servicing, information gathering and allocation of brand, at the time of scarcity. Conclusively, it is noted that personal selling is one the major promotional tools companies use in selling their brand goods and services. It has also been observed that personal selling is very effective in reading awareness of brand and also in achieving certain marketing objectives but at the same time very expensive.

4. Sales promotion

This is a supplemented communication mix. The American marketing Association defines sales promotion as “those marketing activities other publicity stimulate consumers purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such displays shows or exposition, demonstration and various other things.

There are short term inducement of value offered to arouse interest in buying goods or services, it included activities such as displays sampling, contest refund other sales promotion is used in conjunction with the other communication tools. Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentives tools, mostly short term designed to simulate quarter and/or greater purchase of particular brands or services by advertising, widely, seeks in to ensure current purchases that they are made right choice. It is meant to remain consumers that the product may be needed in the near further reminding them where to buy it and maintaining its top of mind awareness. The choice of the sales promotion objectives should be based on through analysis of the brand class is mature and the company is the market leader and if brand usage is low, the proper objectives is to convince the market of the brand superiority through regular sales promotion include promotional. On the nature of the effectiveness of sales promotion there have been anvvers to many question such as whether sales promotion is effective in marketing whether sale promotion is economically and on those issues as to whether sales promotion can be used organization and its programent. Publicity is defined as a non-personal stimulation of demand for a brand services or business unit by planting commercially significant news about it in a published medium or obtaining favourable stage that is not paid for by the sponsor. Public relations and publicity are two different marketing tools which are closely related. The old name for marketing public relations was publicity which was seen as the task of seeing editorial space as apposed to paid space in print and broadcast media to promote like “a brand, place or person”. But marketing public relations goes beyond simple publicity.

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Public relations include nevus speeches, events public services activities, written materials and audio visual materials. Other are corporate identify, media and telephone information services.

Public relations facilitate the marketing of an organizations production or services by arousing publics, friendship, support and trust.

5. Fair and Exhibitions: Through out ages marketers, trade fairs and exhibitions have place where goods offered for sale by a multiplicity of sellers are appraised and acquired or rejected by a multitude of buyers. Trade shows and exhibitions offer markets the opportunity to display and allow customers to make comparisons with those of other exhibitors. In Nigeria, international trade shows, conventions and exhibitions are organized by various states chamber of commerce, Agriculture mines and industry.

According to Harpton and Zabin (1970) A trade show is a group of exhibits, sometimes featuring a programme of speeches and discussion, sometimes featuring a group of exhibits. Exhibition on the other hand according to milla, is the displaying of goods to the public so that people should buy it or can see and place traders for them.

Most of these studies reviewed agreed that trade shows and exhibitions in creating awareness of brand can be best demonstrated when used with other tools.

In other words, trade shows will achieve best where it is advertised, publicized visitors provided with some incentives and good sales person used for presentation and offers explanatory comments.


Communication has been described as process. How do the communication process work, including it’s components of elements and other characteristics. Marketers need to understand how communication explained by the process works. This is explained by the process communication model which answers.

1. Who

2. Say what

3. In what channel

4. To whom

5. With what effect

He communication model consist of nine elements. Tow elements represent the major parties in a communication sender and receiver. Two tools massage and media four represents major communication function encoding, decoding, responds and feedback.

The last elements is the noise in the system (kotler 1981).


The process starts with the sender also known as source who is an individual or corporate entity who has something to say to another individual or group of individuals. He is also called the communicator, encoder or initiator of the communication process. Sender must know what audience wants to reach, what response they want, his knowledge, background, interest and expertised determines to a large extent the success or failure of the communication process or it’s effectiveness. Entropy, a concept which has it’s origin in physics and mathematics.

This is why low enstes described massage entropy as a measure of disorder or tendency towards disorganization and disorientation of a loss of or change in primary or basic information in trend towards informational anarchy.


Marketing communication is communication with marketer audience. Market is made up of people who have the need, the desire and the potential to make purchases. Such people must be adequately informed through various forms of marketing communication process within the communication mix, there is the element of promotion, marketing communication mix is that complex techniques under the control of management which may be used in communicate directly with buyers and potential buyers. Marketing communication mix is also broken s promotional mix. Promotion mix is also one of the D Ps of modern marketing. Promotion popularilized by Jerome incanting. Promotion includes all the activities under the marketing communication which is one of the elements that make up the marketing mix Kotler defines promotion as “various activities a company undertakes to communicate its product which aims at persuading target customers to buy them. It is also the development and discrimination of persuasive communication out the offer designed to attract customers”.

Marketing communication or promotion is very essential in the modern marketing calls for more than developing a good brand, pricing it attractively and making it accessible to target customers companies must also communicate with present and potential customers. Doglidge in one of his articles on advertising management said that “a firm must communicate or die”. All these point to the importance of marketing communication on the successful outing and communication a firm. Marketing communication is not only needed to influence the company’s present and potential customers. It also has broader roles to play. It is needed to influence the behaviour and gain the support of all other publics of the organization. the need for marketing communication is even more emphasized in circumstances where competition is high and in such situation there is the need for a high effective promotion marketing on this wibor Schram researched on the attributes of a message that should make up a good communication in the same very, fiske and Howley gave the following factors that moderate the effect of a communication.

1. The greater the monopoly of the communication source over the recipient, the greater the change or effect in favour of the source over the recipient.

2. Communication effects are greatest where and disposition of the receiver.

3. Communication can produce the most effective shift on unfamiliar lightly felt peripheral issues, which do not lie at the center of the recipient’s value system.

4. Communication is more likely to be effective where the source is believed to have expertise, high status objectively or credibility, but particularly where the source has power and can be identified with.

5. The social content, group or reference group will moderate the communication and influence whatever is acceptable or not.


1. Product: According to Chubwu (2002) product communication from utility partly by the function of earns but often also by the symbolic satisfaction of conveys. Thus gold watches are given at graduation or retirement to communicate achievements, diamond conveys or communicates lasting love, and metal communicate power Banks do communicate security for arising financial assets as a product. A product brand name also communicates. It assumes customers of consistent quality and tells then that the product will perform as expected.

2. Price: Price component can be used to communicate affordability status care and quality or worth. To manly Nigerians, high or low price of a product is often associated with its quality. A not too high price can be used also to communicate the information that the manufacture or marketer is showing some concern for the consumer and his purse by making the product affordable at a fair price.

3. Place: This can also be used to communicate assess and availability as well as time and place utility.

4. promotion: This is another component of the mix which involves the use of such promotion or marketing support system like sales promotion, advertising, public relations and publicity, it is indeed made up of activities that are essentially communication blended. Then before or after sales component of the marketing mix may be used to communicate co-operate lead accountability.


According to Cany (1986) a company needs a plan for each product of markets specifying strategies to be used and resources require.

The process of developing such plans is called marketing planning and is conducted by the product manager responsible for product. The steps involved in marketing are the product manager’s for conduct.

1. Situational Analysis: Which means the preliminary evaluation of the market for the product, this will define the market, what markets are likely to compete with the company brand. Defining the markets, key characteristics such are competitive intensity, required capital investment, means of distribution of the product, stability of demand and estimate its size to determine its potential.

2. Evaluation of market opportunity for the company’s product based on assessment of customer needs competitive weakness and strength. This requires information on the competitive customers and environment, these, factors external is the company that are generally beyond its control and evaluation of the company’s strength and weakness requires information on its resources and capability to market a product. These are factors internal in the company they are generally –thing its control. The product manager used the situation analysis and evaluation to marketing opportunity to develop product objective in the form of sales and profit goals.

3. Formulation of marketing strategies fulfill product objectives: two bey element are defined the target market and positioning the product accordingly.

Product positioning: this refers to the way in which a product and benefits are presented to the customer.

4. Developing marketing mix: Marketing mix composed of advertising, pricing and distribution demands that work either to implement the product positioning. One of the product manager’s important responsibilities is to develop a budget for the various element of the marketing mix from this budget profit can be projected for the product.

5. Sales forecast based on the proposed marketing strategy while sales forecast are developed at various time in the process of marketing planning, more reliable ways of expected profits from the product are estimated based on revenue projections from sales forecast and cost projection from marketing and other expenditure.

6. Evaluation and control: Product manager tract product performance and make adjustment in position strategy and the marketing mix is ensure that product objectives are met. Feedback to management on product performance may lead to change in product objectives.

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This is optimal promotional budget in which marginal or incremental increase in sales are just singal to the managerial expenditure on the mix of promotional components (Kotler 1990) This concept is difficult to apply because factors concept other than promotion also influence sale. Isolating the effects of promotion presents a very complex analysis situation. Because of this more operational budgeting techniques are used. Budget determination method that are used in practice and.

i. Objective and task.

ii. Percent of sales.

iii. Competitive parity.

iv. Budgeting models.

i. Objective and Task: This logical and most effectiveness method is probably the most widely used budgeting approach. Management communication objectives defined the task necessary to achieve the objectives and add up cost. This method also establish the mix of promotion components by selecting the components appropriate for the attaining objectives and task method depends on the judgment and experience of chief marketing executives.

ii. Percentage of Sales: This method calculates budget a per of sales and therefore often based on past expenditure patterns. The problem with the method is that if it fails to consider the relationship between promotion efforts and result. It also can to too much spending on communication mix, when sales are high and too little when sales are low.

iii. Competitive Parity: This budget method is based on competitors. Action communication mix expenditure is quoted by how much competitors spend. A major shortcoming of the method is that difference in marketing strategy between firms may require different communication mix strategy.

iv. Budgeting Models: This method sets the budget using a mathematical model often developed from historical data. The basic concern in using a model for budget determination is establishing its validity and stability over time.

A comprehensive model for budgeting the marketing mix of industrial budget and allocation of expenditure for personal and impersonal advisors is a multiple regression type model that uses several predictor variables including number of users, customers concentration, fraction of sales made to order attitudes differences.


The marketing communication mix is also called promotion mix that consists of four major tools.

a. Advertising (b) Sales promotion (c) Public Relation

(d) Personal Selling. Within these categories are numerous specific tools are presented below:

Advertising panting and broadcasting Sales promotion contest game and sweep stakes Public relation

Press like Personal selling

Sales presentation

Packaging insert Lotteries Speeches Sales meeting

Making catalogue Premium and gifts sampling Seminars annual report Tele marketing incentive programmes

Motion pictures Fairs and trade shows Charitable donations Sample

House magazines Exhibitions Sponsorship Fair and trade shows

Source: Mc Graw Hill (1986) studies reveal that effectiveness of promotion tools varies between consumers and industrial markets. In the result of Mc Graw Hill, biennial survey reported in marketing news. (Augult I, 1986), it was found that while consumer goods companies devote most of their funds to advertising, followed by sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations, publicity, industrial goods companies devote theirs in this order.

Personal selling, sales promotion, advertising and publicity. There have been a number of claims that some tools are only effective for the marketing of consumer goods while others are only useful in industrials goods market.



1. The Nigerian Bottling company NBC makes use of the tools of marketing communication, namely advertising. Personal selling, sales promotion, public relation and trade exhibitions to create awareness and persuade consumer to buy its products.

2. Among the tools of marketing communication trade exhibition is rarely used while the rest are regularly in use to promote the various brand of soft drinks.

3. It was found that these marketing communication mix could cause significant increase in sales volume of NBC product.

4. The analyzed data had shown that the effectiveness of company marketing communication affect by the data which showed that consumers desired to buy more of NBC brand when there were intensified promotional activities was affected by marketing communication activities in that there were situation where the price of NBC goods include a mark up to cover up production distribution and marketing communication cost.

It was discovered that the tools of marketing communication used by NBC are rated in their order of effectiveness as advertising, personal selling and sales promotion, the rest of the tools such as public relations and trade exhibition were not speaking. The NBC workers agreed that even though the two last tools are capable of increasing sales their infrequent use was based on consumer research data, which showed that they do not generate quick sales result.


Based on the foregoing findings, the researcher made the following recommendations:

1. NBC should intensify the use of public relations to improve its developing image. The inhabitants of the 9th mile come Coner Ngwo where the merit is located. The residents agreed that the west has been causing erosion menace there. Then non response of the company has attracted unfriendly relations from the residents of the heighbours.

2. There has to be an intensified participation in the trade exhibition, this would help under the inquires for expanding researcher effort into improvement in raw materials manufacture with local content increase and use as well as discovery of better improve distribution methods.

3. NBC should intensify it’s communication activities in its other products like evaluate which had attracted very low marketing communication efforts, the product might be consumed by many Nigerians who have insufficient source of good drinking water.

4. There has to be a reduction in the frequency of sales promotion activities that encouraged uncontrolled consumption of soft mineral drinks because consumers have complained of the invariability disabilities associated with the product.

5. There has to be a concerted effort by the NBC researchers to find ways of reducing the sugar content of mineral products so as to attract the patronage more consumers and reduces consumer fear of diabetes associated with the consumption of soft drinks. The use of marketing communication tools would be utilized better introducing the new discoveries. The new discovery would attract the consumer’ attention towards NBC brand.


Marketing communication does make invaluable contribution towards, the attainment of the NBC and other organization global in general. There is need for increasing use of marketing communication activities for companies and other organizations that would continue to survive and maintain a steady growth.

Marketing communication activities after conceptive advantage to many organizations. Therefore to remain in the market, NBC has to apply different forms of marketing communication in varying degrees. Marketing communication mix has to be planned, carried out and controlled in such a manner that could enable company objectives to be attained effectively.



Bordo Alphansus (1993) Element 3rd edition Pat publication London.

Bush Fredrick Kenedy (1962) match of Civilization 5th edition. London University Press, New York.

Bessy Jon (2002) Help wanted marketing week 15th edition.

Freharm Publication, New York

Charles schewe and Renber Smith (1980) Marketing concepts. And Application 5th Edition Mc graw Hill book Company

Doghwolge Chrise (1990) Advertising management not for a talk. For Advertising workshop 5th edition department of marketing University of Nigeria Enugu campus

Henry Assael (1987) Consumer behaviour and marketing Action 3rd edition kent Publishing Company, Boston.



1. What is your age?

a. 30-45 (b) 65 and above

2. What is your sex?

3. What is your department

a. Plant Dept b. Sales Dept

c. Logistic Dept d. Prod. Dept

e. Maintenance

4 Does your company embark on any marketing communication activities?

5. If yes to the above, which of the tools does your company rely on? (indicate as many as possible.

a. Advertising b. Sales promotion

c. Personal selling d. trade fair/exhibition

6. Is the amount on these tools questionnaire in terms of the sales generated by these tools.

Yes No

10. How would you rate the effectiveness of these promotion tools in communicating your company’s message?


Tools Very strongly Weak Very weak No effect


Sales promotion

Personal selling

Public relation


11. Are there any government regulation guiding marketing communication activities

Yes No

12. Do marketing communication make positive economic contribution in society? Yes No

13. How would you rate company spending of marketing communication tools?

a. Excessively b. Adequate

b. Inadequately



You are please requested to study the questionnaire and apply the information being sought by ticking where necessary and ticking yes or no where necessary

1. What is your age?

a. 18-24 b. 24-30

c. 30-35 d. 35-45

e. 45 and above

2. What is your Sex?

a. male b. No

3. What is your occupation?

Student Civil servant Business

4. Do you agree that marketing communication can influence you to patronize? Yes No

5. Do marketing communication affect the competitive advantage of companies?

Yes No

6.Do you agree that marketing communication do not affect the level of awareness of product among consumers? Yes No

7. Can products be selling equally when promoted with marketing communication as when not promoted?

Yes No

8. Do you agree that marketing communication activities will contribute to grow in use?

Yes No

9. How do you perceive the product if NBC?

Very good Good Fair

10. How often do promotion activities of NBC motivate you to buy

Very often Often Moderate

11. How do you feel when watching the NBC promotional activities?

Very good Good bad

Make suggestion on how the communication activities of the company can be improved

Marketing Communication – Effectiveness In Creating Brand Awareness

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