Management And Administration Effects And Means Of Creating Awareness On Radio And Television For Beverage

Management And Administration Effects And Means Of Creating Awareness On Radio And Television For Beverage: (A Case Study Of Milo Food Drinks)

Management And Administration Effects And Means Of Creating Awareness On Radio And Television For Beverage: (A Case Study Of Milo Food Drinks)

Business administration and management implies all those human foundation performed to satisfy consumer needs and management through the production and exchange process. Firms, which have adopted the marketing concepts, mostly because of the aim at finding what the consumer need and wants, providing such needs and wants to the consumer effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Normally, know matter how qualitative a product may be, it cannot sell itself in the market because consumer must be aware of the product attribute so that the competitive market will not be allowed to competitor the product with the other product in the market. Hence the need for advertisement comes to play.

The creation of awareness on goods and services is a powerful administrating and communication tool used by the organisation to fulfill a specific promotion task. It is an impossional form of communication or presentation of goods and services and idea conducted through paid from media under an identified sponsorship. The media of creating awareness is significant to marketing tools which helps to sell goods and services, image and idea through information for persuasion.

Television and radio are the fastest cursing for media. It also combine vision and audio with movement. It has proves to arrest attention, television audience to broad (whole family). Radio on the other hand, allows the customer to do other things while listening, that is why nestle food makers of milo food drinks has decided to use these media for creating awareness.


The background of economic changes brought about the high demand for consumer product like food drinks in the manufacturing sector of the economy that made a call to duly in many manufacturing industries of which nestle food Nigeria Plc began simple trading operation in Nigeria in 1961 and had today grown into a leading food manufacturing and marketing company. It is publicly quoted that company’s listed since 1978 on the Nigeria stock exchange with about 11,500 (eleven thousand five hundred) Nigeria share holders participating in 60% (sixty percent) of the company’s equity is owned by the nestle S.A. of Switzerland.

Moreover there are other food drink manufacturing companies like Christies plc, maser plc/Cadbury etc., located all over the country. Inspite of these companies nestle food companies had continue to service the strong competition with its branches evenly devastated throughout the country.


Remember we discussed earlier the reason why organisation embark on creating awareness. Carrying home to our project/research topic we identified the makers of beverages (and of course milo food drink) embarking on radio and television means of creating awareness.

To sustain the product (milo) which has already gained acceptance in the Nigeria market.

To secure sales lead is also another problem and when they are all modification to the customer.

Other reasons are as follows:-

To introduce a new price policy education consumers demand other product in the category, introduce special offer, create/build retail stores etc, can be an objective of creating awareness depending on situation circumstances. However, reasons load to objective and therefore the objective for creating awareness via radio and television could be one or all the above.


How the creating awareness of Milo food drink via radio and television helped in making consumers buying decision. How to makes consumers believe the product is the best through creating awareness via radio and television. Which period of duty is best suitable for creating awareness of Milo food drink. Major criticisms against these radio and television in creating awareness of Milo food drink.


The importance of the Milo food drinks includes the followings:-

1. The research intends to check the truthfulness of radio and television, as it influences the marketing of food beverages (milo) on purchasing b=habit of consumer.

2. It helps to find out the methods of budget allocation to radio and television an awareness creating by the company (nestle food drinks) makers of milo food drink.

3. Radio and television are the major media used by the milo food drink manufacture (nestle food drink)


1. ORGANISATION:- This is a structure that enables people to work together in order to achieve a common started aim

2. MANAGEMENT: These are programme basing much on managerial planning operation and appraisal in having each manager set object in referable terms and assessing his or her performance against the achievement of the objectives.

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3. MANAGER: These are those who undertake the task and function of management at any level in any kind of enterprises.

4. OBJECTIVE: The ends towards which activities is aimed at is the end point of planning.

5. SUPERVISOR:- These are the same as manager but ordinary used to apply to managers at the lowest level.


From the research made by the researcher the following observation were made. It was confirmed that radio and television creating awareness media are the best for creating awareness on beverages as it creates the urge to buy in consumers.

Creating awareness helps in the realization of co-operative by creating awareness and increasing sales.

It was realized that the major manufacturers of beverages uses radio and television media of creating awareness since there is a need to dramatize the stories. This requires high need for audio and vision.

It was discovered that the message attached to an advertising campaign helps to stimulate the buyer in making his buying decision. Foe example people who wants to achieve something in life from sports will usually buy milo drinks, which is the “food drink for future champion”.

Meanwhile the researcher reviewed a number of papers in business administration text books marketing text books and journals but could not adequately find studies dealing with effect of radio and television means of creating awareness on the administrating managing and marketing beverages (milo food drinks).


It is pertinent to note that creating awareness plays a vital role in the marketing of milo food drinks, therefore to sufficiently understand the study; it is necessary to find out what creating awareness is all about, how it originated. It is also necessary to find out exactly how creating awareness of items affects the management and administration in marketing of milo, and what criticisms of creating awareness is a non paid form of a large number of potential sponsors (Anselem E.O. York Times 1998 pages 28).

Creating awareness dates back to days barter system, where goods and services were exchanged for goods and services. As at that time there were no electrical or electronic devices or media, so creating awareness was meant to create awareness and persuasion among a relatively small target market or audience, as a advertiser could not reach a large target audience orally.

Today, with the audition of electrical and electronic devices and communication channels creating awareness has taken big step forward and has brought about a level of novelty in the market sector. With such devices as the radio and television set, information can reach a very large target audience within a very short time. Many marketing business administration and management firms have taken advantages of creating awareness through media such as the television and radio set to boost on sales which results in the attainment of the organisaiton goals.


Creating awareness has dynamic effect on consumer of milo food drink, creating awareness influences the purchasing habit of consumers. In some ways, our research has shown that consumers reaction to advertise versus unadvertised brands of beverages is varies in the thought. Even when the customer are aware that they are paying the cost of creating awareness, they seem want creation of awareness, it relieves their anxiety about new product or new development in a product, by providing useful information by the product, by providing useful information which is located on the container or package of milo, including direction on how to prepare milo in hot, warm, cold water, list of ingredients, table containing, nutrient and their volume otherwise called nutrition fact production and expiring dates, name and address of product etc.

Further, research reveals and make use of school of though that nestles food plc, makers of milo mostly use radio and television adverbs because it enables them reach millions of targets audience within a minutes or two. Apart from it flexibility and variability, the use of radio and television means of creating awareness is relatively cheap, a sales agent of milo food drinks was quoted to have said that creating awareness is the fastest and cheapest way of reaching consumers, moreover consumers pays the full cost of a product which is made up of production design, engineering, marketing physical mean that nestle food plc recovers alliance. They have overtaken many of the old big names and giants in electronic and motor manufacturing.

This is an example and evidence of new comes successfully competing with the entranced leaders. This milo was enable to overtake other kind of beverages like pronto, bournvita the vitality drinks, ovaltine and other, Milo’s use of special features in their adverts also help to achieve the end. Such features includes low sugar content, milo already contain milk (no need to add milk). Milo dissolves instantly in both cold and hot water etc. Milo also gives bonus and sales promotion strategies to win more customer to their product. Such sales promotion could be in form of reduced price raffle draw bonanza etc. All these and more persuade customers to product.

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Creating awareness has been the target of goods many attacks in recent years. These attack stem from social economic and legal concern based on criticism mainly.

Criticism believe that creating awareness is a source of market poorer with price to consumer as the inevitable outcome, they argue that advertising is an economic waste and consumers already posses perfect information and can make their choices without help of creating awareness.

Some economist claims that creating awareness creates the supposition of differences among products that are essentially the same. Customers then build up a brand preference for the advertised goods and are willing to pay more for it because they perceive it to be better than an unadvertised goods and are similar product.

Criticisms keep coming up because people are quiet ignorant of the values of creating awareness through radio and television. Some others argue that creating awareness promotes and fasters monopoly, but this is not true because advertising cannot inhabit competition because it does not permanently change consumer taste.


Why do organisation create awareness? Creating awareness whether paid for by individual or by an organization or company’s substitution of a personal call by salesmen.

We advertise and full awareness of goods because we have something we want to sell be it products or services. It is often said that nothing happen in an organisaiton unless somebody, somewhere sells when people (buyers) are aware of the existence of such thing and the benefits therefore, there is the need for creating awareness.

Creating awareness enables companies to tell wide spread but selected audience about their product or services in their own chosen words and to the target customers.

1. To introduce or launch a new product

2. To sustain and establish a product

3. To create floor traffic for a retail store.

4. To secure sales leads

5. To democrat a service

6. To promote public cause

7. To announce product modification

8. To introduce a new price policy

9. To educate consumers

10. To introduce special offers

From the above, one can see that the reason and or the effect of the use of radio and television in creating awareness of milo food drinks are:-

To sustain the product (milo) in the market

To secure sales lead, thereby increasing

Sales and overall organisaiton profit announce profit modification or change of the product.

By and large, other reasons for creating awareness can be whenever the need arises.

According to Nzeribe (business concord April 1985 page 21) oil revenue lead to high economic growth that in turn improves per capital income, we enjoy a family standard of living and if we may refer to adlin, one time USA, secretary of state “the American Standard of Living imagination glorious of advertising the awareness of the people made by this product which may not only create and share demand but also add impact upon the competitive process, thus stimulating the never leasing quest of improvement in the quality of the product”.

And Morsel according to J.O. Onah (1978 page 102) the face of social development everywhere most specifically in developing countries like Nigeria, New York or Paris, now reach Nigeria as there are product via advertising (mostly radio and television), again creating awareness support the mass communication media, which brings to the customer much mark than just advertisement. Consider for a while popularity and acceptance the milo food drink has gained as a result of the excellent advertising campaign embark upon by its producers via radio and television.


Awareness creating in an organisation is a powerful effect for marketing communication tools used by companies to fulfill the promotional tasks. It is an impersonal form of communication of presentation of goods, ideas or services conducted through paid media under open or identified sponsorship.

But while radio is a flexible medium that is high varied from news item to all kind of music and other entainments, the consumers and the audience depends on the station, radio is very appropriate for highly selected exposure propounded by the organization effect among pinpointed audience or consumer and where names identifications are necessary.

The positive effect about the product as the organisaiton, which has come a long way by making use of television which is the fastest growing advertising medium. It can combines many functions performed by the organisation individually by other media. It exchanges every other message or attraction at the point of exposure. Because it combines vision and audio with movement, it has power to arrest attention. It is highly ubiquitous and lively medium that can reach a mass audience at a time of creating drama, suspense colour and emotion; the television however is a very expensive medium. It has a disadvantage of presenting fleeting commercial. The seldom last longer that a minute which may be too short for the organization to organize a set of people who can move about product to be known and for the audience to grasp the message. There is also a risk of “cluster” on television advertising resulting from advertising completing brands of the products.

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And by so doing, the consumer have to decide which of the product can be suitable for the audience in order to bring out the attention of the target audience by the method of segmentation organisaiton and administration effect which is the major tools used in this promotion task of the product has to be arranged in such a way that it suit the entire management in an organisaiton.

The effect of the management and administration which is the principle of organizational structuring and authority sharing to the consumers does not plan the broad enterprises objective in a way that supplies a co-operate framework of objective. From which the enterprises will set their operational objectives and strategies used in the radio and television are expensive because the paid form advertisement media is of most costly used by many organization.

A good organisaiton is one which has the division department job units or responsibilities set out in a way that avoids duplication and overlapping of goods and services assignments between job units, than can lead to a “no mam’s land” over certain jobs; it is one which avoids misappropriated assignment of authority for any responsibility.


A good advert normally focuses on one central selling, one position with which to give much product information which dilutes the advertising impact. The message must be believable or provable.


Awareness creators choose from among the available media that best suit promotional objectives. The growing important of radio and television media of creating awareness to modern business organization has made it necessary for the following recommendation of some authors and company’s and institution in the world. This recommendation are as follow:-

1. The propagation made by churches Claude, former international advertising association, who speaks on behalf of his organization that the goals of creating awareness is to make the company attain a certain objective, goals and honest of a particular message in advertising the products, since any faulty message of his are abound to be uncovered by the consumers.

2. Another recommendation made by the J.O. Onah, who said that jurisdictional body with adequate capacity should be established in Nigeria and the rest of the world, that charged with enforcing a strict code in the practice of creating awareness such a body should also act as a guide to customers.

3. Abraham does recommended that the main function of the economic values of creating awareness is that such body should have to trace out all form of deception in creating awareness and after consequences on consumer.

4. The recommendation made by the Nzeribe, a man who delivered a speech on the role of administrating and managing of marketing in economic self reliance that the general public should be able to imagine the genius of advertising the awareness of the people made by the product which is not only to create and shape demand but also added to the impact upon the competitive process.

5. Lastly, the generation of product recommends by the Philips, which may come as a result of bulks and develops the product conception that express the major benefit of the brand after to the general public.


From the on set, our objective have seen to find out the effect of radio and television means of creating awareness in the management and administration of beverages in the field of marketing. Mainly, particularly how these has helped in the makers of milo to achieve the co-operate objective and to survive in the highly competitive market.

As I carried on the research I found that creating awareness plays on objective role in the administration marketing and management in promotion strategy of a firm in achieving its objectives. Most companies, I realized the use of radio and television media for creating awareness because of its numerous advantages, which have been earlier on enumerated in the previous chapter of the research.

Management And Administration Effects And Means Of Creating Awareness On Radio And Television For Beverage: (A Case Study Of Milo Food Drinks)

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