Konga Expects To Make N2.5 Billion Sales in 2016 Yakata Black Friday

Konga.com Expects To Make N2.5 Billion Sales in 2016 Yakata Black Friday

Konga.com, is a name to be reckoned when it concerns E-commerce. It strongly believes that it’s marketplace would generate N2.5 billion during it’s Yakata sales scheduled to hold this year.

The Yakata sales is Konga’s form of black Friday sales. A day when prices of goods are substantially reduced.

The CEO of Konga, Shola Adekoya, believes that Konga would pull this off and that the Yakata sales would be very successful irrespective of the current economic challenge that the country is facing.

In his own words, “We are expecting a buoyant Black Friday or, as we like to call it, Yakata, 2016. Just like Black Friday in the West, Yakata kicks off the holiday shopping season for us retailers. As millions of Nigerians are feeling the pinch financially, we know that they will be looking out for the very best value for their money, and will be visiting Konga to source the best deals. Our customer service teams are already receiving hundreds of queries a day concerning what offers we will be offering this year, so we have strong indications as to what our shrewd shoppers are on the lookout for.
Our 60,000+ merchants are mobilized and ready to sell their stock at super-heavily discounted prices to our one million+ customers throughout Nigeria. As e-commerce continues to grow at a furious pace in Nigeria, we are prepared for a massive influx of traffic, primarily from mobile, from both existing and new customers, who will benefit from the largest range of consumer goods online, as well as speedy and reliable order fulfillment.”

Konga has begun ‘Fulfilled by Konga’, to enable its 60,000+ merchants to store and have all their orders delivered by Konga’s in-house team, slashing processing times from 40 hours to 3 hours, a 90 per cent reduction. The company’s technical team has also been getting ready for the massive increase in orders during the Yakata sales, and will be depending on it’s ultra-optimized mobile platform, that is data efficient, to meet the needs of Nigerian online shoppers.

Konga.com Expects To Make N2.5 Billion Sales in 2016 Yakata Black Friday

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