Examination Malpractice – Role Of Teachers In Anambra West Local Government Area Of Anambra State

Examination Malpractice – Role Of Teachers In Anambra West Local Government Area Of Anambra State

Examination Malpractice – Role Of Teachers In Anambra West Local Government Area Of Anambra State

An examination malpractice is simply the act of cheating in an examination. This has been the cause of our low educational standard in the society today.

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It includes leaking of examination questions, impersonation, bringing foreign and irrelevant materials into the examination hall, assaults on invigilators, bringing the invigilators, supervisors and writing examination outside the examination hall. Much has been said and done about examination malpractices by our educationist, low enforcement agencies and other well-member of the society.

Despite the decree passed by the federal government, trained on examination malpractice in various schools of higher learning, the problem is still lingering and increasing on geometric progression. According to Chukwu (1995: 89) He says “it is worthy to observe that examination malpractices has over the years caused a lot of grief to educational administrator, low enforcement agents, examination bodies and generality at the society members.”

Examination malpractices has become rampant in our schools especially in Nigeria to the extent that it has brought our educational system to ridicule, this is true considering the caliber of individuals involved in it.

Noting that some writers and personalities used the term juvenile delinquency, examination malpractices have also been seen as part and pallet of the system. According to Marshall (1999) “cheating in the classroom has existed, it does exist and will exist again, therefore, it is there.

Though, it is emphatic that an examination malpractice is not only peculiar to Nigeria but invariably a world wide phenomenon. Stern (1962) in his work asked about “what should be done about cheating in colleges? He noted that social authorities had uncovered a ring of professional college examination takers, who run, colleges admission for inferior students by either taking the examination for them or bribing the college authorities.

While Mama (1997) had that WAEC has expressed concerned over the alleged involvement of some traditional rulers and community leaders in examinations malpractices in the country. This report did not missed word in saying that the scandal was done during the May or June 1996 senior secondary school certificate examination in some parts of the country. It would also be seen in the SSCE 2003 National Examination Council (NECO) the radio broadcast on the network service of radio Nigeria on November owing to the release of NECO 2003 result informed the Nigeria citizen that about 20% of the candidates that sat for the examination will not see their result, this is for the fact that they look part in examination fraud.

It is therefore, a no mere gain saying the fact that cases of it are seen during semester examinations in higher institutions of learning senior school certificate examination SSCE, NECO and GCE, even termly examination in secondary schools, and this lead to examination being cancelled, rescheduled, with held, and this at its work, bringing down the academic standard.

The effects of these are innumerous starting from the individual to the society at large. The students pass out of school through cheating, which is right certificate for the wrong students which in turn the person will be a liability to the society because everything in him/her is fake, as such when given tubs that suits their certificate; they will be ill-preened, insufficient and ineffective.

However, examination malpractice is so common to the extent that almost every body is involved in it, some parents support their children to do it, the adage that, this is Nigeria, it must be done in Nigeria style if you must move with others, this is obvious when the secretary, Ebonyi State secondary Education board, Mr. Ogbu Oji while delivering his lecture, against examination scandal in the seminar organized for the school, principles on 3rd June 2004, said that examination malpractice is an ugly element as it is a national issue, Hence the increase in cases of examination malpractice in Nigeria schools.

The problem has eaten deep into the fabrics of out educational system that a means of proper evaluation of teachers work is no more ensured.

Many educationists have writing and suggested ways of tackling this problem; others have suggested a total revaluation and over handling of our educational system.

(1) This is to say in effect that examination malpractice has been a major factor contributing to the low standard of our educational system and general decline in the level of discipline and morality in Nigeria especially in Anambra West Local government of Anambra State which teachers has roles to play to that effect. These are the thing that necessitated that study.


The impact of examination malpractices in our school is serious considering the roles examination plays in achieving the educational objectives to the development of individual and the society at large, as such, the researcher is poised with the following:

 What are the roles played by the educational administrators to the increase of examination malpractices in their various supervising areas?

 The extent of damage the examination malpractices has caused in the country.

 What causes the examination malpractices in geometric progression despite efforts put in place to combat the scandal?

 The implications of examination or scandals to the society.

 The involvement of teachers in schools such as the Dean’s of studies, principals in examination malpractices.

 The solution to those problems.


This study will be significant because it expose the various effects of examination malpractices on different groups of people involved in school administrations for instance, principals, dean’s of the studies. Government and the like.

The study will also, expose focus and tricks of examination malpractices in our schools.

The research work will help the researcher as a future tutor to be on guard and school teachers or administrators as well as the government to adjust for a proper and smooth conduct of examination to avoid malpractices.

The findings if prop0erly embraced would have a very important implication for the proper adherence to the moral principles guiding the conduct of examination in both lower higher levels in the country.

It will stimulate and provide basis for further study also provide a better understanding of the effects of examination malpractices.

This study will equally be guidance to both parents and students; it will guide the parents in up-bringing of their children as regards examination malpractices, the implications and after effects of it. And where it will land them (i.e. students). The roles that both the parents and students should play in respect of its avoidance.


In the course of this study the following shall be worked for.

This work shall find put the extent of involvement of teachers in examination malpractices. This research work shall find out the immediate and remote causes of examination malpractices.

To find out the effects of examination malpractices on the society.

To offer solutions and recommendations that would help to reduce or eradicate examination malpractices in our society.


This research work is focused on the involvement of teacher in examination malpractices, educational administrators, examination bodies, schools principles, vice-principles, examination supervisors, as well as invigilators in examination scandals in Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State. Because work is restricted to only schools in Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State respectively.

The researcher’s collection of data among different groups of teachers, students in the school to the cause and effects of examination malpractices is limited to principles, Dean of Studies, Vice-principles academics, Tutors and examination board authorities.


The following questions were asked in the curse of this work to elicit information.

(1) To what extent are the teachers in various schools involved in examination malpractices.

(2) What are the roles of teachers in increase of examination malpractices in our society?

(3) Why do the teachers get themselves involved in examination malpractices?

(4) Why are the Deans of studies and Principals involved in examination malpractices?


This chapter discusses works, materials and opinions expressed by authors, researchers and writers on examination malpractices in schools in Anambra State, Nigeria and other parts of the world.

This chapter will mainly look into the following aspect of examination malpractices.

 Forms of examination malpractices

 Leakages of examination papers

 Seeking assistance or consensus malpractices

 Impersonations

 The causes of examination malpractices

 The effects o examination malpractices

 Students and examination malpractices

 Teachers and examination malpractices

 Schools or educational system

 Teaching testing and malpractices

 The nation and technological growth

 The agents of malpractices

Explanations are used to determine the level of knowledge and technical skill one has acquired in a given course of study, it could either be oral or written.

Explanation plays a crucial role in school system. In successful completion a final school examination certificate is issued which is a passport to a gainful employment and or knowledge that can carry the students through various challenges. These examples why many students see the acquisition of certificates as a do or die affair, these students engage in all forms of malpractices.

Examination malpractice involved among other things cheating in examination.

The practice of cheating among students cuts across all levels of institution and countries of the world.

Dabney (1966) writing about the united said that “cheating by students in high schools, colleges and Universities throughout the united stated is wide spread”

And reporting a survey carried out by New York Times indicated that more than half of 5,422 students in 99 colleges and Universities admitted have cheated.

Denial (2003) quoted that “about 70% of students in Nigeria today are passed their examination through the backdoor”.

Nigeria for instance, because of the learning rate and offensive rapture of examination malpractices, the government has a legal document that defines the criminal status on examination malpractices, students document in Nigeria of special tribunal decree 100.20 of (1984 which state that— Any person(s) who before at during or in anticipating of any examination malpractices shall be guilty of an offence and on commission sentenced to twenty on (21) years imprisonment.

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According to daily times (August 17, 1996:2 and 9) had that the then Head of Nigerian National office of WAEC, Mrs. Shonekan described the rate at which principals of schools levy students to generate funds to bribed examination supervisors.

The government decree 27 of 1993 also deals with examination malpractices. By the above enacted decrees, one can appreciate the fact that there is an obvious effect’s towards checking examination malpractices or scandals in our institutions of higher Learning as the aliening nature is equally fifty to the entire society in both the past and present being WAEC, GCE, NECO even NTI and others had been caught in examination frauds, invariably the contemporary is a development which has to bother every number of the society.

Examination malpractice existed in the old times but still exist, but the major different being the type of people involved in examination malpractices.

In Nigeria for instance, in spite of the teachers administrators) the examination leakages are even and most often sponsored by most of our highly placed custodians.

Maura (1997) was quoted as had said that the West African Examination council (WAEC) “has expressed concern over the allege involvement of some highly placed traditional rulers and community leaders in examination malpractices in the country”

Therefore, one will not hesitate to wonder at the rationality of traditional community leader as the worthwhile culturally oriented epitome of idea models.


Under the forms of examination malpractices, we have

(i) Leakages of examination papers

(ii) Seeking assistance/consensus malpractices

(iii) Impersonations


This is a situation where all the information or test is made known to the candidates, before the day or how of the examination, where this happens most of the students involved resented to copying answers on pieces of papers or cutting papers of relevant test books to be taken into the examination hall as they cannot solve the problem under examination situation.

According to Omeorah (1998) “Examination leakages are the hand work educational authorities.”

Daily Champion on July 2001 reported that the average students that scaled through in GCE in that year undergoes one sort of examination, fraud or the other.

Therefore, using copied answers in the examination hall without disturbances by the supervisors as well the invigilator some student or candidates in advance some desperate students resort to attainting invigilators who rejected gratifications (WAEC report 2001.)


This is seeking an assistance of any kind in an examination hall by candidates, where a students or candidates is allowed to have assets or allowed unusual cor0operation with others in an examination hall. Some students conspicuously leak examination question papers by employing the services of certain persons to sneak into the hall and switch the question papers either from the invigilators or unlucky candidates. Okonkwo (1989).

These person(s) quickly passed the question papers to academic superior in the subject area to salve the problem, the answers are eventually singled into the halls to those who employed the youths either through the invigilators or other persons.

This was reported by Anavoice (July 6th, 2002: 12-14 according to the hints. The people and candidates interviewed at Anam High School Oroma Etiti Anam; had that; “Examination papers were taken outside the examination halls by the students owing to the agreement reached after the payment of compulsory fee of 200, each students on the day of English language and Mathematics respectively.

This was the senior school certificate examination 2002 (WAEC).

Reporting future, said that the school administrators levied the candidates to pay a compulsory # 1,500 in a course t entice their tutors as well the examination supervisors, Zonal offices on supervision, WAEC officials to enable them achieve the objective of malpractices.


This is a situation where a students or candidates posses or site o behalf of another student or candidates to write an examination. Mal students mostly get involved as to write for their dull female counter part.

This could be seen have in Ebonyi State University when some students employed some students from other Universities to write some causes for them, EBSU news letter September or October 2003 edition shoed foreigner to write for them, as such they were sent on expulsion and others either sent one or two years academic probation.

From these views, it is obvious that the above are various forms of examination malpractices in our Schools system which the teachers encouraged; hence no authority or write has refuted the veins.

The three forms of malpractices above are various in the system as the researcher is living witness of this increasing monster.

Examination malpractices has been seen by various writers in different ways, for Adoba 91987) reading on different forms of examination malpractices for instance, see examination malpractices as being synonymous with, forgery, Cheating or fraud in so far as it actualises and represents a certain perspectives or conveniences.

It is obvious to explore views on the sex and caliber of the students and nature of examination that afraid offenders.

Nevertheless, it has been observed that case of examination malpractices.

According to the report from divisional police station Iboko, Criminal investigation department, male students involvement in examination malpractices are mostly the case they treat especially in WAEC and NECO examination.

In an interview, the researcher found out that most students who indulge in such malpractices are some school drop out who wanted certificate by all means and at all cost and students or candidates supported by their wealthy parents to practice examination malpractices.

Finally, the final and external school examinations such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, Junior School Certificate degree examinations etc attract offenders more than ordinary internal examination like class quiz, text and termly examination in the secondary school, for instance, according to news commentary of Ebonyi State broad casting senesce (EBSU) Abakaliki; on 5th May, 2004, had that during the 2002 and 2003 junior Secondary Schools Certificate examinations respectively, school tutors were involved in the examination scandals as well the secondary education board officers on supervision that led to the Cancellation of the 2002 examination and was rescheduled and the authority now warn that the affected tutors should desist from such on the radio Nigeria Enugu on 19th and 20th ay, 2004 had that about 17 school principals were arrested and they were in police custody for alleged insolvency in examination malpractices and other tutors, principals, offers stand suspended from office of work indefinitely, this happened at Benue State during senior school Certificate examination (WAEC 2004).


Examination malpractices in Nigeria was officially recorded since 1916 and since the early days of the struggle for Nigeria’s political independence, an over premium has been placed on the acquisition of certificates so much that little emphasis is placed to the practical application of the knowledge so obtained in the first generation of the educated elite in Nigeria as this saw education as the panacea to social and material greatness.

Several reasons have been advanced for the high rate of examination malpractices which include, scarcity of textbooks, the few available experienced are beyond the reach of the average Nigerians, frequent closure of educational institutions occasioned by studies and students rampages, immensely contribute to the increase in examination malpractices crime wave among youths.

This instant unrest in various educational institutions does not allowed students to complete the course in which they will be examined. Irregular payment of salaries makes teachers to be vulnerable to those who cheat at examination, lack of qualified teachers in various subject areas, interest attached to paper qualification, poor attitude to learning by the students, Examination bodies being inconsistency in the execution of their laudable responsibilities, unsteadiness of government in Nigeria economic instability in the present Nigeria polity.

According to Mama (1997) who also said that: “when WAEC committee was considering the report of the chief examiners, noted the poor performance of students/ candidates in vertically all the subject especially in English language, Mathematics and Science Subjects and attributed the trend to lack of teachers in relevant subject areas books, Laboratories, Library and Libraries materials.

This is obvious why earlier Chinekezie (1985) quickly and easily state that: “the functional aspect and the important of library as a sophistry in design to perform specific functions in information science education, culture as well as the acquisition of technical knowledge found in books material.

As a matter of reality qualified teachers in subject areas make leaning palatable and enjoy able while school library offers assistance, like promoting the development of reading skill”.

This is true considering the rate at which principals or the administrations of secondary schools recruit community teachers, who handle most of these core subjects.

At Anam High School Oroma-Etiti-Anam. English language, Physics, Chemistry, are handle by copper who handle Mathematics from SS I to SS III who also is not a permanent teacher.

During the visit to the secondary schools in Anambra West, the researcher found out that it was only community secondary school Mmiata Anam and Christ the king College Umuemu Anam where there are library and laboratories whereas the other schools, the is noting like library talk more of laboratory.

Noting also, that examination that required recitation of facts attract defends.

According to Mashall (1993) acquiring along this line, said that the principal background of cheating is: “the method of examination in which little of your work over a term of twelve or sixteen weeks counts, your under4standing of the subject will be expected in some courses, but in many, you need only recite to gey that importance grade in the task week, it is time to cram not to understand but learn the point likely to be sought of the examination.

Therefore, we must note that most often, objective type of examination equally, attract offenders because originality is not given priority in securing.

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The problem of poor salaries, closure of schools, either because of rampages or non-payment of teachers, salaries by government also has a devastating effect, as this could be seen in 2002 when Anam high school students recalled.

Against Nigerian police Nzam for arresting one of their students.

The students went as far as getting Nigeria police vehicle (Anti Crime Unit) burnt, though the former chairman of Anambra West Local Government Area, Hon. Dr. Raphael U. Okeke calm the condition down and the school was closed for the main time, the students registered their SSCE examination while at home, and as such they were not thought until they finished writing their examination.

So, this type of situation will ginger students to get involved examination malpractices in order to pass.


The effects of examination malpractices cannot be over emphasized and so the standard of which education in our schools has fallen to, is the extent that if no serious measure is taken to remedy the situation, we will have more educated illiterates than literates ones, help backed graduates, more ignorant expects and this situation will continue to perpetuate, examination malpractices in our educational system. The effects of examination will be discussed as well analysed under the following heading for a proper appraisal. The effects of examination malpractices on.

(i) The students and examination malpractices

(ii) The teachers and examination malpractices

(iii) School/ educational system

(iv) The nation and technological growth


According to the work of Dabney of (1980) which stated that “the problem is compounded by teachers and counselors who falsify student grades.

Also Mashall (1997) says that scholastic cheating refers to a technique were by a student appears to be informed not wiser than her is, regardless it cheating.

The design of cheating precisely is to convey a false impression to a teacher which is reflected as a grades or mark improved by cheating so that the students passes when he/she otherwise would failed, gains an honour which he would otherwise be rejected or perhaps ahead of an associates, enough to let his neighbour know he is the lower half.

All these showed that examination fraud is involved by the student and most often with help of teachers and others. But the unfortunate thing is that examination malpractices has a lot of effects and influences on students who indulge in it, and those who do not, but are exposed to the same examination, contributing to this, Udom (1980:8-11) had; “civilized country know much about examination malpractices, in our country and hardly give credence to WAEC from this, one can see that examination malpractices affect those who indulge

In it and those other innocent of to”. Malpractice in examination had led cancelled, e.g. WAEC, NECO, GCE etc. this regrettably encourages students bad study habit when successful compel the beneficiary to be half backed graduates as such remain perpetually ill-equipped and in various ability to the society as they cannot practice whatever course they had read.

In our higher institutions of learning, parents are set up for offenders and find any students quickly leads to dismiss from such school, as such leads to frustration, on the part of the student found guilty. This act causes more harm than good and subsequent reduction in National productivity.

Because of examination malpractices good result are know questioned, for Akinobi (1978:27) He had; “They are stories that whenever a student particularly from a rural area appear to have extremely good grade, his or her result is stopped on suspicion that the student cannot possibly be so good, without some cheating”. Implication is that there is low regard for hared work because of irregularities.

In examination and potentialities as well capabilities are not developed to the fullest and even loose of interest in education by students.


Teacher occupies the prominent position in the teaching and learning process. Any programme or course of study will be effective in achieving its purpose in proportion as the teachers had successful experience in the application of the skills and knowledge he undertakes to teach. Apart from lesion presentation, there are so many duties the teacher is expected to perform, but his success in the discharge of those duties depends to a large extent on the degree to which he possess the necessary physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual competencies (Mkpa 1987).

Examination equally helps the teachers to assess the students to find out the extent the objective of a lesson has been achieved, but with examination malpractices, it will be extremely difficulty to properly assess a student and consequently direct the student to his or her area of potentialities. And it is this assessment that makes a teacher superior to the students, without if the students will fell that teachers are useless and this will lead to fall in educational standard of the country.

The teachers and invigilators who are meant to train students to be good and self reliant students loose their influence no longer are felt, by the students.

Class-attendants increasingly how, discipline in schools dead, for teachers and invigilators who engages in malpractice, when cut loose their jobs and some even imprisoned 9Obi 1987).

In this respects teachers encourages students and contribute in the increasing of examination malpractices in our educational system. Report by NTI coordinator Onitsha study centre 2004.


Without a proper means of assessment and evaluation, planning in education will be very difficult because it is through this assessment that curriculum planners will know the needs of the society, learner’s interest and the level of education that need more attention and even make recommendations to government on hoe to apportion materials, finance, and other equipment to educational sectors.

To this conspicuously the standard of education has continued to fall in Anambra West Local Government area of Anambra State of Nigeria at large at all levels of educational system owning to examination malpractices.

Examination malpractices have become a canter worm into the blood stream of our educational system and although Mashal 91989) state that “cheating in the classroom has existed, it, does exist and it will exist again”.

Infarct, malpractices has hindered proper assessment and without these qualities educational system is better regarded as dead. School administration and supervision will be difficult and even impossible.


Education is crucial to our rational existence and survival. But there are doubts about the quality of standard of education provided in our schools today paret of the reason is poor educational management by teachers Haladu (1994).

The federal government of Nigeria since independence has adopted various measures with the aim to revamp educational standard in the country, such as National policy on education and either ones. Our specific objectives are clearly articulated in the policy document, such objectives are preparation for useful living within the society and also self reliance Okeke (1985).

In institutions of learning which is our focus, teaching instants a processes of impacting knowledge , guiding, letting people o be aware of things and stimulating growth with the overall aim of involving teaching and learning (Ezecho: 1985)

Of teaching testing, noted Nwaogu (1980), is concerned with making adequate provisions for all the conditions that are essential for effective learning through effective teaching.

In every school, there are teachers, students and administrators involved in the day to day learning activities in Nigeria today (Nwaogu 1980). There are pressing need to determine what to teach students. How to it, whom to teach them and effects of that teaching testing. Therefore, if all these are considered examination malpractices could never be a talk of the town nowadays.

This is to say that examination malpractices are very rampant in schools today because of the method, or orientation given to students and or if the teachers in the schools are money hunters they can go contrary to rules in order to get that money. As a result of this fraud evaluation is not ensured both on the part of teachers and students.



Examination fraud has contributed extremely to the production of half baked graduates and subsequently, reduction in national production intensified the country as well contributed to the general poor standard of living of most family. Thus, parents and guardians continue to invest scarce resources of the family in the education of their children for longer period than necessary because of cancellation of examination results.

Considering education as the bed rock of the growth development of any nation, it explains why the government has construe to invest huge human and financial resources in the execution of educational programme that would ensure the production of skilled manpower for the realization of her developmental aspirations. For instance, government has introduced general national policies and programmes to step up the with the developmental need of the nation e.g.

Universal primary education (UPE) 6-3-3-4 functional system of education as well the introduction of universal basic education (UBE).

All these effects are frustrated by examination malpractices.

This is from the fact that equipments provided by the government are not used and there is no way the government can assess. The impact of these policies and programmes without proper examination conducted. As such when one considered that some of our teachers, doctors, engineers political teachers, and school administrators for example are among the students at times that are involved in our tertiary institutions examination malpractices, one will begin to have a clear view of the fact or effect of examination malpractices on the nation at large.

This promoted Onwubiko (1991) to say that “the final effect is that our Universities have therefore, been graduating doctors that find it difficult to tight nut, pharmacist that only know very well how to carry fake drugs from one point to another, Lawyers that only appear in count to bail suspect” etc. this is no doubt that the prevailing system is contenting a great set back to the over all developmental programmes of the government.


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Agents mean different thing to different context. But in this respect, (i.e. examination). This is refers to those people or group of people or even an organization who are engage themselves in the examination scantals. This may be by learning the examination papers through back doors before the day of the examination or by encouraging students to do malpractices when supervision on examination hall.

Agents of examination frauds are taking different dimensions because they are different bodies, Nwaogu (1997). And as quoted by (Daniel 2003) that “about 70% of students in Nigeria today are passed an examination through examination scandals”

That means that the agents of examination malpractices are both teachers, principal, supervisors, examination officials, administrators, community leaders and even the students themselves etc.

In Nigeria for instance, instead of the teachers (administration), the examination leakages are most often sponsored by most of our highly placed custodians.

Mama (1997) was quoted as has WAEC “has expressed concerned over the alleged involvement of some highly placed traditional rulers and community leaders in examination malpractices in the country. Therefore, one will not hesitated to wonder as the rationality of a whole traditional rulers and community leaders can be an examination malpractices agents.

This was also reported by Ana-voice (July 6th, 2002; 12-14 according to the hunts. The people and candidates interviewed at Anam High School Oroma-Etiti Anam had that “Examination papers were taken outside the examination halls by the students owing to the agreement reached with teachers and examiner after the payment of compulsory fee of #700 each student on the day of English Language and Mathematics respectively.”

This is true that the agents of examination malpractices in not one person or two persons but they are both the students, teachers, principals, vice-principals, examination officials, WAEC staffs plus others not mentioned.


From the review of the above related literature, the researcher observed that examination malpractices has caused great havoc to educational system due to the ever increasing role of educational administrators in the increasing of this deadly monster.

It is conspicuous that both students and teachers get involved in malpractices instead of many decrease that have been promulgated in the country, hence the rush for acquisition affair in the educational system.

From the above the researcher imagine the reversed of the role of examination as parameter of assessing extent the objective of a lesion has been achieved, to priority of paper qualification as this is a set back of our educational system.

The researcher as living witness of this ugly trend, obviously believed that impersonation, question paper leakage and other assistance rendered to students in the course of cheating are ways teachers abet this scandals.

He also observed that causes of examination malpractice is as a result of lack of qualified teachers non-payment if teachers, salaries, non-functional library, economic and instability of government.

He conclusively saw that after effect of malpractices in students, teachers, educational system and the nation technological is dreadfully embarrassing. To this, therefore, examination malpractice perpetrators and their agents should be seen and regarded as our most education destroying tyranny which have darkened and stained the page of history of our time.

Owing to the study carried by Nwana (1975) on the incidence and major school offences in former western and eastern central states in Nigerian deduced that the greatest of the problems of dishonesty, was cheating in examination.

He also expressed fear that if cheating was allowed to continue unchecked, the overall academic standard would be devastatingly affected.

This is of the fact that these students who are future leaders, doctors, Engineers, teachers, who come out through examination malpractices will definitely cause more chaos death, and confusion in the country as a whole.

To this effect, efforts should be geared towards giving it a permanent check, in checking malpractice” in our educational system both the government and rise against the challenge and against all agents and perpetuators of this ugly monster.

This is obviously why Itamah (1988: 105) who WAEC gathering committee that government should set-up special court to try examination cheats, no matter who involve, no matter his position in the society should be made to face that law in it’s full weight.



The discussion on the findings of this study are summarized and concluded in this chapter. Recommendations are made to viable remedies to examinations malpractices in schools within Anambra at large.

In discussing as well interpreting the result of this study, it is imperative to keep clearly the data so obtained and analysed in chapter four above.


This research study dealt on the role of teachers in examination malpractices in schools within Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Based on the data presented and analyzed, the researcher found that the issue of examination malpractices respectively the role of the teachers in the scandal and its effect on the society requires urgent attention.

It is emphatic sue to the findings that:

 The teachers aids in the increase of examination malpractices.

The increase of examination malpractices is on geometric progression owing to the fact that the students are not adequately prepared for the examination.

 There are various strategies implored for successful examination malpractices by both the teachers and the students.

 Teachers indulge in the act of examination malpractices in order to make money; as such they see the act as money making venture.

 It was also discovered from the findings that unqualified teachers employed to teach in our secondary schools so also contribute to the alarming increase of the scandal.

 It is believed that some teachers are indulge themselves in the examination malpractices act in order to become rich a day.

 Finally the school principals and the deans of studies get themselves in malpractices because of the cheat acts in which is partly to produce good result to uplift the image of their schools but intent to receiving some gratifications from the recipients.



Examination is indispensable in our education institution and has been the veritable avenue to determine the level of knowledge and technical skill one has acquired in a given discipline, through the certificate given to confirm such knowledge and skill, one gate gainful employment and knowledge that will carry him or her through various challenges in life.

The researcher study has revealed that the role of teachers in examination malpractices is multifarious and a canker worn which has devastatingly affected the system.

Four secondary school in

Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State were selected and covered for this study.

By the use of questionnaires, information was obtained from teachers, students, administrators, principals Deans of the studies and vice-principals.

The results of the findings have for reaching implications, if examination scandal is allowed to continue, on educational system will be required.

It is obvious that without sound educational system, no country can get to the road of success as it concerns technology, politics, social life, environmental sanitation as well health.

It is imperative to note that education is the mother to all field of life endeavour and so should be guided jealously. When considering that Lawyers, medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, economists and other professionals are involved in this caliber of graduates who are beneficiates of this act, one will definitely appreciate the effects of examination malpractices it allowed to continue unabated.

So in order to put an end to examination cheat as a deadly disease, both government and the society should rise to the challenges and against all the agents and predators of the ugly muster.


From the data, it is observed that increase in examination malpractices in Nigeria, especially in Anambra West Local Government is as a result of the multifarious roles of the teachers.

However, examination board authorities in collaboration with teachers should part effort to curb and back the examination ethics and its roles on educational system there by compelling the teachers to author the principal of honesty, and personable in discharge of their responsibilities.

The guidance and counseling department of both federal and state ministry of education should collaborate and orient examination bodies, teachers in various capacities, principals, vice-principals, deans of studies, parents and students on examination ethics and importance as it is the since qua-non for a country’s economic, socio-political and technological survival, and thus teach students to be responsible especially, when placed under examination conditions.

Government should ever be ready to pay the price of qualify education thereby paying the teacher’s salaries promptly, i.e. as and when due, providing enough classrooms and other learning facilities and teachers should as well in their own part improve the educational standard.

Finally, the society at large should ensure the implementation of these strategic measures to cur this ridicule, so as to scale the future of our children and nation technological growth.


Based on the findings of this research work, the following recommendations are proffered via:

 Government should try and make provisions to employed adequate trained, qualified, components and capable teachers in our educational institutions.

 The government should also receive update and enforce the laws dealing with various examination offences committed before during and after examinations conducted by external bodies such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc. This Law should include sanction for initial leakage of question papers and all other forms of examination malpractices, hence any staff of both internal and external examination bodies or teachers from any schools found, aiding this scandal should be conditionally penalized.


There is the need for further research on the following:

The effect of examination malpractices on technological growth of the nation.

Examination Malpractice – Role Of Teachers In Anambra West Local Government Area Of Anambra State

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