Do-It-Yourself Fixes to Common Computer Problems/Issues

Do-It-Yourself Fixes to Common Computer Problems/Issues

By the End of This Tutorial. You’ll Be Able To:

Ø Figure out what to do in a crisis (and what not to do)

Ø Sniff out the cause of a problem

Ø Make sense out of at least five DOS error messages

Ø Bring your mouse pointer out of hiding

Ø Get your keyboard back to normal when it flips out

Computers are fickle. You might use your computer all week without a problem. Then, on Friday, you try to run a program you’ve been using all week, and the following message appears on-screen: [Read more…]

Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance

Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance

By the End of This Tutorial, You’ll Be Able To:

Ø Remove programs from your hard drive

Ø Remove Windows features that you don’t use

Ø Double your hard disk storage for free

Ø Give your programs more memory without installing more RAM

Ø Make your CD-ROM drive run faster in Windows 95

Your computer is like a car. You might be able to use it without ever tuning it up or changing the oil, but it probably won’t last as long or run as well. In this tutorial, you will learn some basic computer maintenance that will help keep your computer running trouble-free and at peak performance. [Read more…]

Computer – Buying And Setting Up A PC / Laptop

Buying and Setting Up a Computer

By the End of This Tutorial, You’ll Be Able To:

Ø Buy a computer that won’t be obsolete in a year

Ø Pick the fastest and the most affordable chip

Ø Get a hard disk drive that’s big enough…and fast enough

Ø Connect all the computer parts without blowing up anything

If you already bought your dream computer, reading this tutorial may be hazardous to your mental health. You may find out that the computer you have is already obsolete (I know mine is). Maybe you should have gotten 16 megabytes of RAM instead of 8. Maybe the slimline (space-saving) case wasn’t the best choice, and you really should have considered buying a 64-bit graphics accelerator card (whatever that is). All these doubts and second-guesses can only make you bitter (and broke), so just Optimizing Your Computer’s Performance
. [Read more…]

Modem : Buying, Installing, and Using

Buying, Installing, and Using a Modem

By the End of This Tutorial, You’ll Able To:

Ø Name the three things your computer needs in order to communicate with another computer over the phone lines

Ø Read a modem ad or box and understand what it says

Ø Compare the speeds of two modems and tell which is faster

Ø Figure out which type of software you need to do what you want to do

Ø Hook up an internal or external modem—and get it to work

Okay, I admit it, the section opener was a tease. I wanted to tell you all the neat things you could do with a modem, so you would start thinking that you simply can’t live without one. I conveniently left out all the complicated information about shopping for a modem, hooking it up, and figuring out what software you need. Now that I’ve sucked you in, I’ll hit you with the hard stuff. [Read more…]

Files : Copying, Moving, and Deleting

Copying, Moving, and Deleting files

By the End of This Tutorial, You’ll Be Able To;

Ø Pick a peck of files in DOS or Windows

Ø Duplicate files on hard disks or floppies

Ø Move files from one disk or folder to another

Ø Find misplaced flies and other Interesting relics

To take control of your computer, you have to deal with files. To share a file, you might have to copy it to a floppy disk. To reorganize files, you have to move them to different drives or directories. And to do any of these file management tasks, you have to find the files in the first place. If all this sounds fun to you, you probably enjoy whacking your funny bone on your armrest, too. However, these chores are essential if you want to share files and rid your disks of useless trash. [Read more…]