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Intranets: Connecting LANs To The Internet


The internet isn’t the only computer network: private computer networks have existed for years. Most large organizations have local area networks (LANs), networks of computers connected by cables, usually in one building or campus, that allow their computers to share files, printers, e-mail and other resources. But the amazing growth of the internet has changed the way users look at LANs. A new kind of LAN has emerged – the intranet – that allows people to access information within the organization by suing web browsers and other internet programs. This tutorial defines intranets, explains what components make up an intranet, and lists the general steps for creating an intranet. This tutorial also describes programs that you can use to connect a small LAN (for example, a few networked computers at home or in a small office) to the internet. [Read more…]

High-speed Connections ISDN, ADSL & Cable Modems

High-speed Connections ISDN, ADSL, and Cable Modems

If you’re used to connecting to the internet through an office network, then dialing from home can be disappointing. At the office, you’re always connected to the internet. You don’t have to remember to dial up. Messages come in and news headlines are updated. File downloads are relateively quick. You might even take advantage of videoconferencing, streaming video news (such as CNN’s web site at, or internet radio. [Read more…]

Basic Concepts Of Internet Connection

Basic Concepts Of Internet Connection

To connect to the internet, you need an internet provider, a method of connecting your computer to the internet, and connection software. This tutorial contains an introduction to the internet and what you need to get connected, including the services that the internet provides (such as e-mail, the web, usenet newsgroups, online chat, and file transfer), the components that make up the internet (such as computers, domains and servers), and the kinds of accounts that you can get. [Read more…]

Antibacterial Activity Of Pathogenic Bacteria From Door Handles Of Various Convenience

Antibacterial Activity Of Pathogenic Bacteria From Door Handles Of Various Convenience

Microorganisms are found everywhere and constitute the major part of every ecosystem in the environment. They live either freely or as parasite (sleigh and Timbury 1998).

In some cases, they live as transient contaminants in formites or hands when they constitute a major health hazards as source of community and hospital acquired infections (Pettet et al., 1999).

The increasing incidents of epidemic outbreak of certain disease depends on its rate of spread from one community to the other and has then become a major public health concern(Scott et al., Galteli et al., 2006) Although it is acceptable that the infection risk in the general community is less than that associated with patients in the hospital , the yearly increase in food poisoning cases in which households outbreak are a major factor required in the assessment 0of the probable cases and sources (Scott et al., 1982). [Read more…]